History of Thrillers

By uzochi
  • Safety last

    Safety last
    One the earliest thriller films that starred Harold Lloyd. About boy performing a daredevil stunt on the side of a skyscraper.
  • The Lodger

    The Lodger
    One of the earliest thrillers directed by Alfred Hitchcock known as the "master of suspense". The lodger is a suspenseful Jack-the-Ripper story.
  • Blackmail

    Directed by Alfred Hitchcock his first sound film. There was also a silent version.
  • M

    haunting and chilling German film . directed by Fritz lang. starred Peter Lorre (in his first film role) as a criminal deviant - a child killer. The film's story was based on the life of serial killer Peter Kurten (known as the 'Vampire of Dusseldorf').
  • Murders in the Zoo

    Murders in the Zoo
    from Paramount starred Lionel Atwill as a murderous and jealous zoologist. Directed by Edward Sutherland. crime/horror thriller
  • 39 steps

    39 steps
    Directed by Alfred Hitcock- about spies, secrets and Scotland
  • The lady vanishes

    The lady vanishes
    Directed by Alfred Hitchcock
  • Rebecca

  • Foreign Correspondent

    Foreign Correspondent
    Directed by Alfred Hitcock. A spy thriller
  • Suspicion

    Romantic psychological thriller by Hitchcock
  • Shadow of a doubt

    Shadow of a doubt
    Hitchcock's own personal favorite and based upon the actual case of a 1920s serial killer known as The Merry Widow Murderer.
  • Gaslight

    Director George Cukor's classic psychological thriller Gaslight (1944) (first made in Britain in 1939 with Anton Walbrook and Diana Wynward) featured a scheming husband (Charles Boyer) plotting to make his innocent young wife (Ingrid Bergman) go insane, in order to acquire her inheritance.
  • The sprial staircase

    The sprial staircase
    psychological thriller directed by Robert Siodmak
  • The lady from Shanghai

    The lady from Shanghai
    Directed by Orson Welles. a beautiful woman, her crippled lawyer/husband and his partner, and an Irish sailor ended up involved in a murder scheme.
  • Sorry wrong number

    Sorry wrong number
    An invalid woman (Barbara Stanwyck) overheard a murder plot on the phone - against herself. Directed by Anatole Litvak
  • The third man

    The third man
    one of the best suspense films of all time, told the story of a writer (Joseph Cotten) in post-WW II Vienna who found out that his old friend (Orson Welles), a black marketeer, was not dead after all. Directed by Carol Reed
  • Strangers on a train

    Strangers on a train
    Strangers on a Train is an American psychological thriller film produced and directed by Alfred Hitchcock.
  • Vertigo

    Light-weight psychological thriller by Hitchock. with James Stewart as a retired police detective who becomes obsessed with the disturbed enigmatic 'wife' (Kim Novak) of an old friend
  • Peeping Tom

    Directed by Michael Powell
  • Psycho

  • Dr.No

    Directed by Terrence Young. The first James Bond film
  • From Russia with love

    From Russia with love
    2nd James Bond film by Terrence Young
  • Charde

    Directed by Stanley donen
  • Wait until dark

    Directed by Terence Young
  • Duel

    got a cult following, was about road rage between a hapless traveling salesman (Dennis Weaver) and the unseen, relentless driver of a truck. One of the first films about a fan being disturbingly obsessed with their idol was Clint Eastwood's directorial debut film. Directed by Steven Speilberg
  • Frenzy

    Started a violent start to thriller films. Directed by Alfred Hitchcock.
    given an R rating for its vicious and explicit strangulation scene.
  • Sisters

    Independant psyco-thriller
    a story of murderous Siamese twins,
    Brian De Palma his first thriller
  • Don't look now

    Don't look now
    Dazzling psychological thriller about grief and loss set in wintry Venice. Directed by Nicolas Roeg
  • Obsession

    Directed by Brian De Palma inspired by Veritgo
  • Capricon one

    Capricon one
    Directed by Peter Hyman
  • Eyes of Laura Mars

    Eyes of Laura Mars
    Directed by Irvin Kershner. Stalker themed thriller
  • Dressed to Kill

    Dressed to Kill
    the assassination thriller by Brain De palma
  • Blow out

    Blow out
    Dirceted by Brain de Palma
  • Body Double

    Body Double
    Directed by Brain De Palma
  • Defence of the realm

    Defence of the realm
    A political thriller directed by David Drury
  • Dead Calm

    Dead Calm
    Directed by Peter Noce. A psychological thriller with Nicole Kidman, who must fight for her life on a yacht against a crazed castaway (Billy Zane). This thriller had elements of obsession and trapped protagonists who must find a way to escape the clutches of the villain – these devices influenced a number of thrillers in the following years, the early 90's.
  • Misery

    Direceted by Rob3ert Reiner. Started the 90's decade. based on the book by Stephen King, with Kathy Bates as an unbalanced fan named Annie who terrorizes, in her care, an incapacitated author named Paul (James Caan); in one horrifying scene, she 'hobbles' his ankles so that he can't escape
  • The silence of the lambs

    The silence of the lambs
    Directed by Johnathan Demme. Young FBI agent Jodie Foster in a psychological war against a cannibalistic psychiatrist named Hannibal Lecter (Anthony Hopkins), while tracking down transgender serial killer Buffalo Bill.
  • Cape fear

    Directed by John lee Thompson
  • Se7en

    Directed by David Fincher. About the search for a serial killer who re-enacts the seven deadly sins.
  • Joy ride

    Joy ride
    Directed by John Dahl
  • Hostage

    Dircted by Florent Emilio Siri
  • Unknown

    Directed by Jaume Collet-Serra