History of Thriller

By turtles
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    Alfred Hitchcock

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  • The Lodger: A Story of the London Fog

    The Lodger: A Story of the London Fog
    The Lodger: A Story of the London Fog is a silent film by Alfred Hitchcock, and reputably the first Thriller film. It is based on the story of Jack the Ripper.
  • Blackmail

    Blackmail closely followed The Lodger, and was Hitchcock's first sound film, though it was also released in silent.
  • M

    M is an early German film by Fritz Lang, based on the story of the serial killer Peter Kurten, and is often seen as the third ever Thriller film released,
  • The Man Who Knew Too Much

    The Man Who Knew Too Much
    The Man Who Knew Too Much was the first Romantic Thriller, and directed by Alfred Hitchcock.
  • Rear Window

    Rear Window
    Rear Window is considered by many experts as one of Hitchcock's greatest ever films. It is a suspenseful/psychological Thriller that features James Stewart as a photographer in a wheelchair who takes photos of everything in his apartment block, and becomes convinced that someone has committed a murder.
  • Vertigo

    Vertigo was one of the defining works of Hitchcocks's career, and stars James Stewart as a Private Detective, who suffers from agrophobia, that is called upon to uncover a woman's peculiar behaviour.
  • Psycho

    Psycho is one of Alfred Hitchcocks most famous films, and is both classed as a Thriller and a Horror. It has been the inspiration for many future films, and the music during one of the intense scenes is very iconic.
  • The Birds

    The Birds
    The Birds is another famous Thriller by Hitchcock that focuses on a village where birds start attacking people.
  • High Plains Drifter

    High Plains Drifter
    High Plains Drifter is a famous Thriller starring Clint Eastwood.
  • Jaws

    Jaws, one of the most iconic Thrillers released due to the sound effects and music when somebody comes under an attack.
  • Terminator

    Terminator is a whole new type of Sci Fi film, starring Arnold Schwarznegger and directed by James Cameron. Not only was it Science Fiction, and Thrilling, but it could be classed as a Horror during its release.
  • Die Hard

    Die Hard
    Die Hard is the first of a popular chain of films starring Bruce Willis. It is a Crime Thriller, usually based on conspiracies.
  • Pulp Fiction

    Pulp Fiction
    Pulp Fiction is directed by Quentin Tarantino, and has been voted the best Thriller film ever.
  • Se7en

    Se7en is quite a violent Thriller, about two detectives who are tracking down a serial killer who uses the seven deadly sins as his work.
  • Ocean's 11

    Ocean's 11
    Ocean's 11, a crime Thriller with a difference, instead the gangsters are the heros, and the Police the enemies.
  • Kill Bill: Vol 1

    Kill Bill: Vol 1
    Kill Bill: Vol 1 is an entertaining, action packed Thriller by Quentin Tarantino, that followed Pulp Fiction. The first of two films, Volume 1 of Kill Bill is about a Bride who wants revenge.
  • The Dark Knight

    The Dark Knight
    The Dark Knight is the most recent Batman film, with the Joker as the Villain. This film could also be a Horror, because it is extremely dark (hence the title).
  • The Lovely Bones

    The Lovely Bones
  • Inception

    Inception is directed by Christopher Nolan, and is a mind bending, Sci Fi Thriller that focuses on exploring the dream world.
  • Paranormal Activity 2

    Paranormal Activity 2