History of the spreading of English

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  • 1500

    The begining of the Slave Trade

    The slave trade began in the early 16th century, it's also called the Triangle handle because the route had she shape of a triangle. During this time slaves was traded for valueable things. Some new languages was created this period, like different types of Creole.
  • The East India Company

    The queen of England started the East India Company mostly to earn money but also gather intresting things like tea. During this time many things changed about the English and Indish language, for example the Hobson Jobson, Binglish and Hinglish was created.
  • The "First Fleet" arrived at Australia

    The "First Fleet" arrived in Port Jackson in Australia 1788 and it contained 11 ships with approximately 780 English people. Many of those were not free and were transported for life. Many slangwords were used before the trip and they are still used today.
  • The East India Company was terminated

    The East India Company was terminated, probably because England basically owned India now or maybe they just couldn't handel all the rebellions.
  • Period: to

    The end of the Slave Trade

    The slave trade world wide was probably cancelled because slaves got forbidden, but it wasn't forbidden everywhere at the same time. England was early with this and slavery was forbidden in England in 1772, but it wasn't until 1834 that it was forbidden in the whole British empire. For example the Caribbean. Fun fact: Slavery in Sweden was forbidden in 1847, and this was still very early compared to other countries.