History of the Saxophone

  • Adolphe Sax submits first submits a Saxophone to review

  • Sax names his instrument La Saxophon

  • Sax finishes his first prototype

    B-Flat bass with a body like an ophicleide
  • Sax Performs on his Prototype Saxophone for the first time in public

    Berlioz's Chant Sacre
  • Sax and Carafa host a Battle of the Bands

    Winner gets the commission from the French Military Band
  • Saxophone Patented by Adolphe Sax

    Includes seven instruments ranging from soprano to contrabass
  • Sax begins teaching Saxophone at the Gymnase Musical

  • Period: to

    Louis Antoine Jullien's Orchestra features a Soprano Saxophone on tour in the US

  • The French Garde Republicaine includes 8 saxophones

    Saxophone featured the most in a large ensemble
  • Period: to

    Saxophone Teaching suspended at Paris Conservatory

  • Patrick Gilmore & Edward A. Lefebre reorganize the 22nd Regiment Band to include Saxophones

  • Period: to

    Lefebre performs and helps compose saxophone repertoire

  • Sax updates his patent to include high F# in the saxophone's range

  • Buffet-Crampon Company extends range to Bb

  • Conn builds the first US Saxophone

    Lefebre consults
  • Period: to

    Saxophone gains popularity in Ragtime, Vaudeville, and Dance bands

  • Fletcher Henderson's Orchestra features Saxophone Jazz solos

  • Period: to

    Coleman Hawkins establishes tenor sax as a jazz solo instrument

  • Selmer's Balanced Action Instruments offer the high F# key layout

  • Coleman Hawkins' "Body and Soul" makes the saxophone an equal with the trumpet

  • Marcel Mule reestablishes Saxophone teaching at the Paris Conservatory

  • Charlie Parker becomes a bebop icon with his alto sax

    Saxophone has a huge influence on jazz
  • Selmer's Super Action Saxophone with offset left and right hand stack keys introduced

  • Kenny G starts doing his thing