History of the rifle

By zhukov
  • Period: Oct 1, 700 to Oct 2, 700

    Chinese invent first firearm

  • Oct 2, 700

    firearm invented by chinese scientists and inventors (firelance)

  • Oct 2, 1364

    hand cannon first made available on the battlefield during the rule of King Edward III

  • Period: Oct 1, 1400 to

    Firearms history

  • Period: Oct 1, 1475 to Oct 2, 1475

    arquebus invented and used on a massive scale

  • Oct 2, 1475

    arquebus was invented and used on a massive scale by militaries

  • Oct 2, 1498

    Rifling invented in 1498. (Probably came from archers experimenting with spiraling their feathers to get better accuracy)

  • Oct 2, 1517

    Wheel lock invented around 1517said to be invented by Johann Kiefuss of Nuremburg in 1517 they were more expensive and difficult to produce

  • Oct 2, 1540

    Snaplocks- appeared in late 1540s in possibly Southern germanycheap and easy to produce but outdated by 1640

  • Invented by french courtier in 1610 for King Louis XIII replaced eventually by percussion lock systems used from early 1600s to the mid 1800s

  • First Long Rifle (a.k.a Pennsylvania, or mistakenly named, Kentucky Rifle) was made by Martin Meylin in Willow Street, a census designated place, in Lancaster, PA

  • First Breech loading rifle was the Ferguson Rifle, designed in 1770.

  • Reverend John Forsyth invented the percussion cap in 1805.

  • First breech loading needle gun invented in 1841 by (JonannVon) Dreyse

  • First Full auto: Maxim Machine Gun in 1883

  • First Semi auto: Model 85 made by Ferdinand Ritter von Mannlicher in 1885

  • First Assault Rifle: STG 44