History of The Regatta at Battleship Cove, Fall River

Timeline created by Jon Root
  • Regatta opens

    Built in mid-1970s, opened by David Freedman in 1976 during Bicentennial celebration as “The Gangplank” at site of the Old Staples Warf. Restaurant is first capital investment in cove area in more than a quarter century.
  • "Leone's on the Waterfront"

    1980, the restaurant becomes “Leone’s on the Waterfront,” opened by Dominic and William Leone.
  • Foreclosure

    In 1996, Leone’s suffers a bank foreclosure. It would not repoen under the same name and owner.
  • The Regatta is born

    The Regatta is born
    In March 1997, Joseph Ruggiero Sr. buys the property at auction for $505,000, naming the pub and eatery “The Regatta at Battleship Cove.”
  • Strip club a no-go

    Strip club a no-go
    In 2008, an effort by Regatta owners to expand the facility and open a strip club on site was rejected by city officials. Story Link: Strip club bid rejected
  • Too much crime, out of time

    In 2009, the Regatta is shuttered after being home to a few criminal incidents over several years.
  • Property changes hands

    Property changes hands
    In December 2012, city businessmen Peter Cabral and Thomas Richardson Jr. buy the Regatta property from Ruggiero for $3.5 million with plans for seafood restaurant, pub and function hall after major renovations this winter and spring. Story Link: Fall River's waterfront Regatta sold to new owners Reporting by Herald News staff writer Michael Holtzman.