Da moon

History of the Moon

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    Formation of Moon (4.5 Gya)

    Formation of Moon (4.5 Gya)
    Approximately 4.5 billion years ago a giant projectile about the size of mars (10% the mass of Earth) collided with Earth. After the collision the debris formed what we now call the Moon.
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    Mythology of the moon (6th Century BC)

    Mythology of the moon (6th Century BC)
    The Greeks and Romans belived that the moon was a goddess named "Selene" by the greeks and "Luna" by the Romans. Luna meaning moon in Latin.
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    First recorded study of the Moon

    In the 5th century BC, records show that Babylonian Astronomers were the first to study and observe the moon. Mapping the first luner cycle.
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    The Moon and earths tides

    The Moon and earths tides
    in the 2nd century B.C Seleucus of Seleucia correctly hypothisised that the tides were due to the moons attraction, and their height varied on the moon in relevance to the sun.
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    Aristotole and the moon

    Aristotole and the moon
    Aristotle(384-322) argued a full moon caused insnity in some people (Lunitic) beliving that the brain is mostly water, and the moon power it has on tides.
  • Advanced study of the moon

    Advanced study of the moon
    The invention of the telescope furthur increased the range and scope of study that could be conducted on the moon. Starting with Galileo whos was one of the first to examine the surface of the moon through a telescope.
  • Map of the moon

    Map of the moon
    The First map of the moon to show liberation zones of the moon (able to see different halfs at the same time)
  • First direct exploration

    First direct exploration
    The Soviet Union's "Luna Program" was the first to sucessfully get a man-made object to escape Earth's gravity (luna1) ; the first man-made object to impact the surface of the moon (luna2), and the first to take photograghs of the dark side of the moon.(Luna 3) all in the year 1959
  • Apollo missions

    Apollo missions
    The first Apollo Missions were in response to the Soviet Luna missions. Created By JFK in 1961 its eventual goal was to have man on the moon by the end of the decade.
  • Luna Program (Cont.)

    Luna 9 waas the first to have a "soft" landing on the surface of the moon and to gather rock and soil samples
  • Apollo 11

    Apollo 11 was the first mission to safley put humans on the moon. Niel Armstrong being the first human to ever step foot on the moon.
  • Apollo Missions (Cont.)

    Apollo Missions (Cont.)
    The last Apollo Mission was Apollo 17 was in 1972. There has yet to be any country other than the United States to put a man on the moon.
  • Post Apollo

    Japan became the 3rd country to put a spacecraft into lunar orbit in 1990
  • 1990-Present (cont.)

    The European spacecraft SMART-1 was the first to make a detailed survey of chemical elements on the lunar surface untill its controlled lunar impact in 2006.
  • 1990-Present (part 3)

    China announced its creation of a lunar program in 2009 and has expressed ambitious plans for exploring the moon.
  • 1990-Present

    in 1994 NASA launched the "Clementine" spacecraft into lunar orbit which detected an abunddance of hygrogen on the moons poles indication at one point there was water.