History of the Laptop Computer

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  • First laptop invented

    First laptop invented
    MLN Outline of Laptop Computer HistoryRelease Date: April 1981
    Cost: US $1,795
    Weight: 24.5 pounds
    Processor: Zilog Z80 @ 4.0 MHz
    Memory: 64K Memory
    Display: Built-in 5" monitor
    Ports: 53 X 24 text, Parallel / IEEE-488, modem / serial port
    Storage: Dual 5-1/4 inch, 91K drives
    O/S: CP/M
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    Laptops beginning to present

  • Grid Compass

    Grid Compass
    Random History
    The first true laptop computer, which featured a flat display screen that could fold down on the keyboard, was introduced in 1982. Termed the GRID Compass, the computer featured the clamshell design that is still used for most modern laptops and could be run on battery power (Wilson 2006). However, its incredibly high price and IBM incompatibility limited its attractiveness in the commercial market, and it was used pr