History of the IRP Clearinghouse

By dpolo
  • Cooperative Agreement

    In May 1995, the Federal Highway Administration and IRP, Inc. signed a cooperative agreement to implement a pilot project for an electronic Clearinghouse between the IRP jurisdictions. The goal was to facilitate the electronic exchange and reconcilement of registration information and fees among jurisdictions.
  • Redevelopment

    In November 2001, the IRP, Inc. Board of Directors approved the redevelopment of the IRPCH system in an effort to lower operational costs and to provide a more robust user interface. The redesign effort migration stage was completed on March 15, 2003.
  • Modernization

    In 2008, the IRP Board of Directors approved a modernization effort to migrate the Clearinghouse to a new platform to take advantage of new technology and accommodate the large amount of data stored and processed by the system. Although the original Clearinghouse specifications have not changed, there are several improvements to the Clearinghouse inherent in the new technology.
  • Participation Today

    Today, 56 out of 59 jurisdictions actively participate in the IRPCH, electronically exchanging registration information and fees.