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History of the Computer Part 2

  • PC

    It was designed by John Blankenbaker in 1970 and the first computer was sold in 1971. It is not like the typical computer, it doesn't use any microprocessors.
  • Altair

    Altair was a microcomputer made ibitchn 1975, it was based on Intel 8080. It was known as the spark that started the microcomputer revolution.
  • Apple

    Was created in the Garage of Steve Jobs in California, where he started to design personal computers and computer software.
  • First Electronic Spreadsheet

    First Electronic Spreadsheet
    Created by Don Bricklin and Bob Frankston, they first electronic spreadsheet was VisiCalc. A spreadsheet it a long sheet of paper made with rows and lines, typically used for accounting.
  • Windows

    Created by Bill Gates and Paul Allen, Microsoft Windows became a huge change in everyday work and they way we operate. They also created MS-DOS which is Microsoft Disk Operating System.
  • Macintosh

    Macintosh was created by Apple in 1984, It was not very sufficient in the computer world, so they released a new updated version called “Fat Mac”. Today we have the “Mac Computer” and “Mac Book”.