History of the Computer/ and Gaming

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    Technology History

  • The UNIVAC Computer

    The UNIVAC Computer
    John Presper Eckert & John W. Mauchly make the UNIVAC Computer
    This was the first commercial computer and it was able to pick presidential winners.
  • IBM 701 EDPM

    IBM 701 EDPM
    These were the International Business Machines
    IBM 701 EDPM Computer
  • Spacewar computer game

    This was the first computer game the space war.
  • Magnavox odyssey

    Magnavox odyssey
    This was the first video games.
  • The Atari's Pong

    The Atari's Pong
    The atari’s pong was connected in the tv and played.
  • Magnavox Odyssey 100

    Magnavox Odyssey 100
    Another analog system, but with four Texas Instruments chips. No cartridges. It only played TENNIS and HOCKEY
  • Panasonic 3DO Interactive

    Panasonic 3DO Interactive
    Many big companies got licenses to make 3DO systems. Companies like Goldstar, Sanyo, Samsung, AT&T, etc. They thought it would be the next big thing in social entertainment
  • Nitendo Entertainment System (NES)

    Nitendo Entertainment System (NES)
    The Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) Model 2. This newer model was almost half the size of the original. The case was sleeker etc. It sold for $45.
  • The Sega Saturn

    The Sega Saturn
    The Sega Saturn arrived in 1995, four months ahead of schedule. The move resulted in low sales a launch due to the $399 price of the system
  • X-Box

    In November 2002 Microsoft introduced the Xbox Live on-line gaming service. 250,000 subscribers had signed on in just 2 months when Live was launched.