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History of the Boyertown Community Library

  • Articles of Incorporation

    Articles of Incorporation are signed to start a Boyertown Community Library.
  • Talks of a Building

    January 21, 1988 are the first notes that can be found discussing the opening of a physical site for Boyertown Community Library. A Board of Trustees was chosen and committees were formed. A local girl scout troop starts holding programs and collecting books to fill the library. "Library Without Walls" is the current library status. At this point, the library owned a record player, 53 boxes of books, some furniture, and $1,300 in grants/donations.
  • Non-Profit Status

    Non-profit Corporation Status is obtained.
  • Member of BCPL

    Boyertown Community Library officially becomes a member of the Berks County Public Library System.
  • First Librarian

    First librarian (Virginia Lash) is introduced to the Board of Trustees. She was hired for 20 hours a week at $7.50 an hour. There are 1,386 books on the shelves.
  • Library opens!

    Library opens at 10 South Chestnut Street.
  • Period: to

    10 South Chestnut Street

  • First Book Sale

    The Boyertown Community Library holds their first book sale to raise money for the books and programs. Prices ranged from 25 cents to $1.00.
  • Open House

    The Boyertown Community Library holds its first open house, kicking off their first National Library Week as an official library.
  • Move to 3 East Philadelphia Ave

    The move was made from 10 South Chestnut Street to 3 East Philadelphia Avenue.
  • Period: to

    3 E Philadelphia Ave

  • New Librarian Hired

    A new librarian was hired to fill a part-time, 25 hour-per-week position at only $8.00 an hour.
  • Budget of $38,465.00

    In 1992, BCL's proposed budget was $38,465.00. At this point, the library was circulating 25,283 items a year, had 1,086 patrons and had 1,537 materials in their colllection.
  • Earl Township

    Earl Township Boyertown Community Library's service area.
  • Closing on 29 E Philadelphia Ave

    Closing was made on 29 E Philadelphia Avenue - the new location of the library.
  • Period: to

    29 E Philadelphia Ave

  • Feasibility Study completed

    Report is given by Mr. Robert Hartman, who did a feasibility study to see if a capital campaign was feasible that that point to move the library into a bigger building than 3 E Philadelphia Avenue. Capital Campaign to start in February 1995.
  • Automated System

    Barcoding was added to books and automation began. At this time,
  • Computer usage skyrockets

    Patron computer use at the library skyrockets.
  • Expansion of Current Library

    31 E Philadelphia Avenue is acquired to expand the library to include a children's wing. At this point, the library was circulating 96,925 items and had a proposed budget of $107,490.
  • Period: to

    29 & 31 E Philadelphia Avenue

  • 1998 Statistics

    1998's proposed budget was $104,653, 106,367 materials were circulated
  • Burning of Mortgage

    A brief ceremony was held for the burning of the mortgage of 31 E Philadelphia Avenue, leaving the Boyertown Community Library with no mortgage payment.
  • Collection size

    As of January 4, 2001 the collection size is 22,579.
  • New Director

    Mark Sullivan hired in March 2009 and leaves in May 2012.
  • New Director

    Lindsey Riegner Mason hired in Summer of 2012 and stays until September 2015.
  • New Director

    Susan Lopez, previously the Youth Services Coordinator, is hired as Director in October 2015.
  • Closing on 24 S. Reading Ave

    Closing on 24 S. Reading Ave
    24 S. Reading Avenue was gifted to the Boyertown Community Library by BB&T bank for $1. The bank donated this building to the library after the BB&T and National Penn Bank merger was complete in 2017.
  • Move to new building

    With help of several volunteers, library staff and board members, the library moved into the new building over a two week period of time.
  • Grand Opening at New Building

    Celebrated the re-opening of the library in new building with a ribbon cutting and press coverage.
  • Pandemic Hits

    Library closes in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and quarantine orders.
  • Library Re-opens for curbside pick up

    Library re-opened with limited service as library staff slowly returned to work. Library provided curbside pick up of books, grab and go craft kits, and virtual programs.
  • Full re-opening after quarantine

    Library resumes full service to patrons. Programs continue to be mostly virtual and consist of grab and go kits.