History of the Apple IPod and ITunes

  • ITunes

    ITunes is jukebox software in which people can save music and listen to it on the computer. It was released to the pulic in January 2001 and is an important program for the IPod as to put music on it you have to do it via ITunes.
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    The History of IPod and ITunes

    All the new generation have a new IPod name eg.(Ipod touch 4 generation) to show the uniqueness and to show that each IPod has a new thing.
  • IPod

    Apple introduces the IPod offering over 1000 songs in your pocket. This was and still is used to listen to music on the go. The functions were very basic.
  • IPod Second Generation

    Apple releases the second generation IPod. It is compatible with Windows and can hold up to a whopping amount of 4000 songs. The IPod became very popular in this period of time.. Meant for listening to music.
  • ITunes music store

    Itunes launches the ITunes music store and it has all the top songs at sale for 99 cents (USD). . ITunes at first wasn’t available for Windows users but in October 2003 it was. Over 2 million IPod’s, were sold during this year and over 25 million songs were brought off ITunes. Over the years, there are more songs and a wider variety. Meant for listening to music
  • IPod Third Generation

    The ITunes was introduced with the new generation IPod which is thinner and lighter. It had a higher memory meaning it could store more songs. It had an almost same design as the first generation and was only available in one color.
  • IPod Mini

    IPod mini is available in five colours and is the smallest, thinnest and one of the best IPods ever. It was made to be very portable. It was available in Silver, Blue, Green, Pink, Gold. It was also more modern as it had a click wheel and a better look to it. Meant for listening to music
  • U2 special edition

    The U2 (a band) special edition IPod comes out. It has a huge amount of 30 GB memory and all the signatures of the members of the band on the back. This was made for all the fans of U2. Meant for listening to music.
  • IPod Shuffle

    The IPod shuffle was introduced as a small handy and very mobile device to listen to music on the go. It is also used for sports. It doesn’t have a screen. It has buttons to pause/play, start/stop, change track and volume buttons. The previous generation also had a USB conncter to connect to the comuter and sync songs. The IPod also was released in new colours on 30th January 2007.
  • IPod Nano First Generation

    The IPod Nano was the successor of the IPod mini. It had more functions, more memories and a sleeker and better looking shape. It was made for better functions. Meant for listening to music
  • IPod with Video

    The IPod with Video was introduced to store movies and T.V shows as well as you favourite music. It contained a bigger memory capacity. ITunes also expanded as they started to sell downloads for T.V shows and movies as the IPod with Video became popular. The popularity of TV was immense and so it was introduced.
  • Nike + IPod

    Apple and Nike introduce Nike iPod, including an in-shoe sensor to track the wearer’s workout on their IPod Nano. This is now available in the current apple IPods/phones. It was made to keep track of your workouts and to show how Apple cultivates health.
  • IPod Shuffle Second Generation

    The new IPod shuffle was less than half the size of the old model and was said to be the worlds smallest mp3 player. It only wheighed 15.5 grams and had a clip to clip on your shirt on shorts to make it very easy to carry. The new generation of the IPod didn't feature a screen either.
  • Red Limited Edition IPod

    Apple announces the new iPod Nano red Special Edition to benefit The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria.
  • IPod Touch

    IPod Touch is a portable media player, personal digital assistant, handheld game console, and Wi-Fi mobile platform. It has a wide variety of different functions and is a much more user-friendly device. It was a new unique IPod anda more modern IPod with more functions such as gaming etc.
  • IPod classic

    IPod classic is a portable media player with the most memory out of all IPods (The most memeory version is 160 GB). It is the 6th generation of the IPod original. It had an extended battery life claiming of up to 36hrs of music playback and 6hrs of video play back. I believe it was made for music lovers who have a large music collection in their hands.
  • ITunes App Store

    The App Store debuts as. IPhone and iPod touch users download 10 million apps in the App Store's first weekend. Was introduced as the popularity of games on mobiles expanded. There are a huge variety of apps to be purchased and downloaded on the Apple App Store. Apps (applications) to help you with your fitness, health, to tell you about the weather, games etc, ate all apps available in the app store.
  • IPod Nano 4th Generation

    The 4th generation IPod Nano weighed less is thinner and looked better. It has a longer battery life and was available is available in more colours. It was introduced for better functions. Some of the new functions in the new IPod was the accelerometer (when the IPod is shook a new song in played) and the Cover Flow, both featured on the IPod Touch.
  • IPod Second Generation

    The second generation iPod Touch featured new Nike+ functionality, volume buttons, and built-in speaker added. It also had Bluetooth and a faster processer. Was made for the better quality and the improvements.
  • Movies available on ITunes

    Movies become available for sale on iTunes the same day as their DVD release. ITunes goes high-def. with HD TV shows from ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC as more they saw the demand for video as the IPod touch, Video, Classic etc, all have the functions to play video.
  • IPod Nano Fifth Generation

    The IPod Nano 5th generation had a camera, microphone, FM radio, built in pedometer and speakers. Was made for the unique improvements. It also showcases a nice polished cover something that the fourth generation doesn't have.
  • IPod Touch Third Generation

    The IPod touch 3rd generation is faster than the 2nd generation and is available in a 64 GB format. It also has a unique voice control. Was made for the improvements. The main difference between generation 2 and 3 is the software.
  • IPod Nano Sixth Generation

    It now has touch screen and is smaller, thinner and much more portable. It doesn’t have the selection wheel or the camera though. It does still have the shake to shuffle, pedometer and FM radio.
  • IPod Touch 4th generation

    The Specialities of the IPod touch 4th generation is the camera and Face Time. The purpose of the first IPod ever and this one is the same thing. Although there are now many other functions with the Ipod the primary function is to listen to music.