History of the advancement of robots

  • Jan 9, 600

    greek automata

    greek automata
    greek automata supposedly designed to be a part of theater productions
  • Jan 9, 600


    pygmalion a greek myth on the first AI
  • Jan 9, 725


    a chinese engineer and a budhist monk create a mechanicle clock that ticks
  • Jan 9, 725


    arabian author writes a book on technology at the time
  • Jan 9, 1495

    DaVinci's knight

    DaVinci's knight
    a mechanicle knight used for the entertainment of nobles
  • Jan 9, 1500

    mechanicle monk

    mechanicle monk
    an old windup robot that does the mea culpa
  • Period: Jan 9, 1500 to


  • Golem

    a jewish myth that is like a robot
  • Jacques Vaucason's duck

    Jacques Vaucason's duck
    a mechnicle duck that could eat drink and digest food
  • The Turk

    The Turk
    a chess robot controled by a chess master that fooled and beat Napolean and Benjamin Franklin
  • The Flute Player

    The Flute Player
    an mechanicle flute player that could actualy play eleven different songs
  • Period: to

    20th cent

  • soft gripper

    soft gripper
    designed in tokyo to be able wrap around an object
  • Gastrobot

    It can digests organic matter to produce carbon dioxide
  • Papero

    a robot designed to live with humans as a partner.
  • Aibo

    a robotic dog that was supposed to have the ai to send and send emotions
  • Robotuna

    a mechanicle tuna fish designed to better understand the physics of swimming
  • Period: to Jan 9, 1499


  • Period: to

    21st cent

  • Thrombin sponge

    Thrombin sponge
    The sponge has a nanoscale clotting agent that can stop bleeding immediately
  • Salmon WORM

    Salmon WORM
    Write once read many times (WORM) scientist have discovered how to use salmon dna to to store data
  • Lg gesture cam

    Lg gesture cam
    it tracks a humans hand motion and allows a person to control their television with out a remote
  • Japanese robotic pillow

    Japanese robotic pillow
    a robotic pillow that adjusts to the sleepers body position
  • Surveilance robot

    Surveilance robot
    this robot can use sensors to model its surroundings calculate lines of sight sence potential enimies and find good hiding places