The role of future education

History of Technology in Education

  • Braille Code

    Braille Code
    Now people who can't see or are blind can at least understand written language thanks to this code idea!
  • Magic Lanterns

    Magic Lanterns
    Magic Lanterns are considered to be the first use of projectors in the classroom. The projections were on glass plates.
  • Radios in classroom

    Radios in classroom
    Students would be able to tune into classes within listening range but didn't have to be physically in the classroom, of course they miss out in a bunch of participation. Considered as a new wave
  • Overhead Projector

    Overhead Projector
    This is actually what we still use today! The next evolution for these projectors came 60 years after the first idea of Magic Lanterns.
  • Headphones in Classroom

    Headphones in Classroom
    I have seen so many people with those earbuds well the first few times it was allowed was 1950! So for 72 years headphones gave the ability for people to ignore each other but also to do individual work.
  • Videotapes

    The classic rainy recess lunchtime day usually meant watching something inside to keep us safe from the rain. Makes me wonder what they did before 1951. This tells me this videotape is harder to take seriously.
  • Personalized Learning began!

    Personalized Learning began!
    The skinner teaching machine took test results and calculated the level of a student. Almost like those learning programs today. Students are learning more at their own pace.
  • Photocopiers

    Now sharing ideas has never been any easier. Making class copies or 33 packets is much simpler instead of by hand. Also having a chance to get things off the internet is available!
  • Social Media for Education?

    Social Media for Education?
    Scholastic Teachers is a social media platform safe to use but, it would also change the internet world for education. Now sharing lesson plans with everyone is becoming easier.
  • Talking Typewriter?

    Talking Typewriter?
    No not a book. This device is fun for students based on research and it allows them to record their voice of a sentence and then write it to see how to spell words or vice versa.
  • Closed Captions

    Closed Captions
    Since education has been allowing videos how would the people who can't hear understand the videos? Well, it is a good thing closed captions can show what they are saying to those who rely on sight.
  • Calculator

    The world of math gets a considerable upgrade by being able to calculate equations much faster! Of course, that doesn't mean getting an A has to do with a calculator.
  • Tests simplified

    Tests simplified
    Scantrons are best used with a machine and within seconds after putting it through a machine the grade can be given saving time for teachers to plan lessons or just not stay up late checking all 192 students the teacher has.
  • Logo Programming

    Logo Programming
    Programming is being introduced in education. This language is given by turtle commands telling them where to go and changing directions to go from point A to point B.
  • Communication Boards

    Communication Boards
    The picture exchange system boards help those who have a speech impairment be able to communicate with others easier. A device special education teachers can use and simplify communication.
  • Track Balls

    Track Balls
    Students can use a foot or an elbow to get the mouse where they want it to be and do. This is another assistive technology. Sometimes I wonder what the necessary code was for this to work. One of the best technology devices I have ever seen! Replaced by touch screens.
  • The Takeover

    The Takeover
    97% of schools had a computer or more like computer labs! The Education world knew computers would be a result of technology advancements.
  • WatchMinder3 Watch

    WatchMinder3 Watch
    This device is used as assistive technology for special education students. This watch vibrates once the alarm goes off. This watch also can be specific in what the alarm is for.
  • Clear Touch Collage

    Clear Touch Collage
    Recently, When I mean recently I mean back in December of 2022 our school started using this technology device. It allows people to share their screens much easier.