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History of Letterman's Jacket

  • Letters

    in 1865 letter 'H' in old English were added to Harvard baseball grey flannel for the team
  • A Short Explanation

    A Short Explanation
    The need for letters on uniforms was simply for the need for uniform. An there was an additional need for identification between teams W?which was satisfied by Letters
  • Period: to

    Letterman's jackets and symbolism

  • Moving Sports

    Moving Sports
    After introducing the Letterman program into Harvard, in 1875. The Harvard football team adopted the program into their own.This was adopted to recognize players and their hard work and athletic ability.
  • Garment Changes

    Garment Changes
    From Sweaters to Jackets, in the early 1900 the popularity of the Letterman sweaters were booming.But the wool sweater needed an upgrade. From the original wool sweater, the design was changed to a wool jacket with leather sleeves.This was more substantial as a stand out look to differentiate the players.
  • Jackets and Courting

    Jackets and Courting
    In early 1900, the jackets slowly were being used as a courting gesture between couples. Boys who owned one would give his girlfriend his jacket and she would ware it as a symbol of belonging to her boyfriend. In all it was a public display of relationships.
  • Title IX

    Title IX
    In the idea of title IX and the no discrimination laws passed, for women. Girls and women alike pushed to be recognized for their abilities and accomplishments, just like their male counterparts. and they started receiving letters for their varsity jackets aswell
  • Still going strong

    Still going strong
    Though the history bases itself on the Excellence of sports, Varsity-Letterman programs are no longer saved for just sports, many High schools and Collages alike have varsity programs For sports, Academics, Arts, and Overall Excellence. But the same as always its the idea of excellence and motivation within their subject and their excellence of workmanship and the ideals of the Letterman's History
  • A New Swing

    A New Swing
    Slowly Letterman jackets are becoming more unique in all of their own respects, you can practically Make any type of color scheme, patch, and texture onto theses jackets now and within being open to public they have lost that early respect of what it truly meant back in early 1900.Yet In some schools its true tradition still waves on. Though changed and no set rules for one to reach to gain a varsity jacket, Its interesting to see this original US tradition live on in some parts of the country.
  • More Excellence

    More Excellence
    Now with the growth a popularity in collages of the Letterman jackets, and turn of the times Letterman's reach has grown exponentially. No longer is this a sport centric award there are thousands of ways to earn a Letterman's jacket and more than just sports, Letters, Patches and different symbols can now be added to jackets in a response to those of other talents such as arts, academics and service within the community.
  • Taft's Letterman's Award

    Taft's Letterman's Award
    Though there have been attempts to create Letterman's awards and clubs here at Taft, There has never been long lasting efforts mad to keep the tradition alive. Though hopefully I (the author) can make a difference within that idea of time lines and create some thing that can be upheld and improve Taft in all of its ideals. An award student who have been shown to embody what Taft represents.