History of St. Patrick Academy

  • School First Established

    The original school building was constructed behind the church, near the Rhode Island State House. Fully furnished, it cost about $500.
  • Davis Street Move

    The school was moved to Davis Street and enlarged. The buidling was able to hold 300 children in each of the two rooms "with yards and outhouses, speparate for boys and girls" (Fr. Wiley's Diary) and was used as a Sunday school only.
  • School for Boys Opens

    A day school for boys, ages 8 and older, opened with 35 students, with Mr. John Coyle as the first teacher. tuition was $1.00 per quarter.
  • School for Girls Opens

    Fr. Synnot of St. Patrick Church applied for the Sisters of Mercy to take charge of a school for girls. The first girls' school opened, using the first floor of the existing school, while the bous' school continued on the second floor.
  • New Building Constructed

    A larger school was constructed on the site of the original one. The new brick structure contained 8 classrooms and a large gathering hall.
  • Smith Street Building Constructed

    Smith Street Building Constructed
    The cornerstone of the present school building was laid on the site on Smith Street.
  • Last Graduation at Old School

    The last graduation was held at the old school; Sr. Scholastica R.S.M. was principal at the time.
  • Davis Street Senior High School Established

    Fr. Martin Reddy remolded the Davis Street School into a Senior High School where another religious community, the Faithful Compaions of Jesus, served. Mother M. Emily, F.C.J. was the first principal of the high school.
  • School Becomes Diocean Run

    The high school becomes a diocesan school and was moved to Centredale, Rhode Island.
  • School Closed

    As a result of the construction of Route 95, the number of parish families was reduced, causing a drop in parish income, and forcing the first parochial school in Rhode Island to close.
  • St. Patrick Word of God School Opens

    St. Patrick Word of God School opened, staffed and largely financed by the Word of God Community, with mostly lay faculty members.
  • New Principal

    New Principal
    Mr. Stephen Raymond, a teacher at the school, was named principal.
  • St. Patrick Academy Established

    St. Patrick Academy Established
    When the elementary school closed, again for financial reasons, the vision of a new affordable urban high school was approved by Bishop Thomas Tobln. Fr. James Ruggieri and Mr. Stephen Raymond opened the school. In the first transition year, Grades 6-8 were maintained from the elementary school. From these classes, the Academy would "grow up" into full high school operation of Grades 9-12.
  • New Principal

    New Principal
    Mr. Bruce Daigle succeeded Mr. Stephen Raymond as Principal of St. Patrick Academy. Mr. Raymond became President of St. Patrick Academy.
  • First Graduation

    First Graduation
    St. Patrick Academy's First Graduation was held on Saturday, June 7, 2014, with eleven graduates, all college-bound!