History of Soft Drinks

By elanaf
  • Becoming soda

    the term "soda" became a coined term.
  • Soda Fountain

    The soda fountain became an invention,immeditaley benefiting the restaurant industry.
  • Plastic bottles

    The plastic bottle was created, then came bottled sodas.
  • First Cola Beverage

    The beginning of cola drinks were created, amore carbonated soft drink.
  • Beginning of Coca-Cola

    The famous Coca-Cola factory was built in the Mid-west.
  • Glass Bottles

    The production of glass bottles arose which benefited the enviornment in a huge way.
  • Theraputic soft drinks

    Soft drinks were distributed as a medical fix to some patients wih stomach issues
  • Bottles seals

    William Painter created the "Crown Cork Bottle Seal" which prevented the carbon dioxide from escaping from the beverage
  • Gas motored transportation

    Gas motored trucks and cars made transportation of beverages easier and quicker.
  • Vending machines

    Vending machines became known which held multiple types of beverages making it more convenient
  • "No Calorie" beverage

    The first no calorie beverage was created which opened the doors to diet soft drinks
  • Aluminum cans

    Aluminum cans started to be used for serving beverages which were easier to transport and sell.
  • Diet sodas

    The introduction of diet drinks became much more popular and consumed
  • Vending machines advance

    Vending machines now dispensed aluminum beverages in restaurants and in communities
  • PET bottles

    PET (polyethylene terephtlalate) bottles were created. PET consisted of "high performing" fibers and were less harmful to the body
  • "Talking" vending machine

    the creation of the talking vending machine was created which made the purchasing of soft drinks easier and more enticing aswell.
  • Caffeine drinks

    The creation of caffeine-free sodas became very popular in the US because of the non-regret feeling people could now feel while comsuming soda
  • Juice and organic drinks

    Juices and the production of organic drinks greatly affected the US so young children and extremely healthy citizens could enjoy refreshing soft drinks
  • Powders and flavoring

    Dry powders were created to flavor a beverage by pouring it into the container itself
  • Energy drinks

    The production of energy drinks became a huge hit especially among business individuals and also the teenage population