History of Shanghai Jazz

By iamjack
  • The beginning of Shanghai Jazz

    Jazz was introduced in China in the early 1920s' - 30s'.
  • Period: to

    Shanghai Jazz, Then and Now

  • Shanghai Jazz being criticized.

    Li Jun Hui's work was deemed to be "pornographic' and "fleshy". The term "yellow music" was used to describe his compositions.
  • The fall of Shanghai Jazz.

    Jazz did not last long in China.
  • The emergence of The Clear Wind Dance Band

    Du Yu Sheng called for the creation of The Clear Wind Dance Band. They were the first all-Chinese jazz group to perform at Yangtze River dance hall.
  • Deng Xiao Ping allowed cultural freedom.

    Jazz music was again a form of art after cultural freedom was introduced at the Communist Part 3rd Plenum.
  • Shanghai Jazz was reborn.

    In the 21st century, Jazz reemerged in Shanghai and Shanghai Jazz was reborn and until today, we can appreciate Shanghai Jazz at bars and pubs.