History of Rock and Roll

  • First Recorded Gospel Songs

    First Recorded Gospel Songs
    Gospel singer, Arizona Dranes, records the first gospel songs.
  • Elvis' First SIngle

    Elvis'  First SIngle
    Elvis puts his first song "My Happiness" on a record.
  • Elvis Appears On TV For The First Time

    Elvis Appears On TV For The First Time
  • Elvis First Became Famous

    Elvis First Became Famous
    He had signed a contract with a record company called RCA Victor.
  • Motown Records

    Motown Records
    Berry Gordy Jr established Motown Records.
  • Buddy Holly Dies

    Buddy Holly Dies
    Although his success lasted only a year and a half before his death in an airplane crash, Holly is described by critic Bruce Eder as "the single most influential creative force in early rock and roll."
  • British Invasion

    British Invasion
    The British Invasion was a phenomenon that occurred in the mid-1960s when rock and pop music acts from the United Kingdom, as well as other aspects of British culture, became popular in the US, and then throughout the world.
  • Beatles Arrive In US

    Beatles Arrive In US
    Beatles arrive at JSK airport.
  • Elvis Dies

    Elvis Dies
    Elvis has influenced other rock' n roll artists.
  • Run-D.M.C. First Single

    Run-D.M.C. First Single
    Relese first single.