History of rock and roll

By Kick07
  • The Miricle Elvis Presly

    The Miricle Elvis Presly
    Elvis Presly was born on August 16 1935 and he was the first artist to play white music and blck music.
  • Buddy Holly

     Buddy Holly
    Buddy Holly was born on september 7 1936!
  • Who created the name rock and roll?

    Who created the name rock and roll?
    Allan Freed creatd the name rock and roll!
  • Dick Clark

    Dick Clark
    He hosted American Bandstand starting 1957 and ending in 1987
  • Motown sound

    Motown sound
    Motown sound was created in 1959 from Detroit. Berry Gordan Jr. created it
  • Remebering Buddy Holly

    Remebering Buddy Holly
    Buddy Holly died in 1959 from a plane crash! He was 23 when he died
  • KIss Dolls

    KIss Dolls
    Kiss Dolls were the first dolls made for a band!
  • Remembering Elvis Presly

    Remembering Elvis Presly
    Elvis Presly died on january 8 1977 and was called the king of rock. Livied for 42 yeas. He died from cardiac arrhythmia.
  • MTV

    MTV started in 1981 and it is were they started taking music videos of white bands! But after after a while they started to take videos of black artists.
  • The Beatles

    The Beatles
    The Beatles became famous in the cavern
  • Y.M.C.A

    Y.M.C.A was