rock n roll through the decades

Timeline created by catherine liang
In Music
  • Rock Around The Clock

    Rock Around The Clock
    Billy Haley
  • Teen-Age Crush

    Teen-Age Crush
    Tommy Sands
  • Jailhouse Rock

    Jailhouse Rock
    Elvis Presley
  • Will You Love Me Tomorrow

    Will You Love Me Tomorrow
    The Shirelles
  • Please, Please Me

    Please, Please Me
    The Beatles
  • Lady Marmalade

    Lady Marmalade
  • Car Wash

    Car Wash
    Rose Royce
  • We Are The Champions

    We Are The Champions
  • Jump

    Van Halen
  • Everything I Own

    Everything I Own
    Boy George
  • Stay

    Shakespears Sister
  • ...Baby One More Time

    ...Baby One More Time
    Britney Spears