Rainbow guitar

History of Rock!

By Gavin Y
  • 1st Record Player

    1st Record Player
    First LP record player
  • 1st Telecaster

    1st Telecaster
    Fender releases a solid body electric guitar known as the Telecaster.
  • 1st 45s Jukebox

    1st 45s Jukebox
    First Jukebox to play 45s is introduced.
  • "Rocket 88"

    "Rocket 88"
    The song "Rocket 88" which is thought to be the first rock song is recorded by Jackie Brenston and his Delta Cats.
  • Sixty Minute Man

    Sixty Minute Man
    Sixty Minute Man by Billy Ward goes to #1 R&B
  • The Moondog Show

    The Moondog Show debuts on Cleveland radio.
  • Les Paul Guitar

    Les Paul Guitar
    Gibson introduces Les Paul electric guitar.
  • Sun Records

    Sun Records
    Sun Records is known to have helped famous singers such as Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash launch their careers.
  • Moondog Coronation Ball.

    Moondog Coronation Ball.
    The Moondog Coronation Ball (organized by Alan Freed) is held in the Cleveland Arena in Cleveland.
  • Crazy Man Crazy

    Crazy Man Crazy by Bill Haley is the first R&R song to hit the pop charts.
  • The Weavers

    The Weavers disband after their testimony in front of the House of Commitee on Unamerican Activity.
  • Doo Wop bands

    Doo Wop bands create mainstream hits.
  • BJT

    Big Joe Turner hits #1 on R&B charts with Rock Rattle and Roll.
  • King of Rock's first recording

    Elvis records 1st hit "That's all right in Memphis.
  • Sh-Boom

    The Crew Cuts hit #1 on the pop charts with Sh-Boom.
  • Alan Freed

    DJ Alan Freed leaves Cleveland for wins radio in New York. Freed's new program "Rock and Roll Party" is an immediate hit, demonstrating rock's growing appeal
  • R&B artist attacked

    Many R&B artists are attacked for suggestive lyrics.
  • I got a woman

    Ray Charles records I got a woman ( which reached #1 on R&B charts) which is considered first soul song.
  • Sandman

    The Chordetts create #1 hit "Mr. Sandman".