History of Robotics

By bxs2846
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    History of Robotics

  • Toy Robot

    The first toy robot was released in Japan. It was 15 cm tall and was named Liliput. It was a wind up toy that could walk. It was make with tinplate.
  • Asimmov's Laws

    Asimov was a sci fi writer that wrote the book I Robot. He made up the 3 rules of robotics.
    1st- A robot may not injure a human.
    2nd- A robot must obey any orders given to it by humans except if it conflicts the 1st law
    3rd- A robot must protect its own existence except if it conflicts with the First or Second Law.
  • Sputnik

    The soviet union launches Sputnik, the first sattelite.
  • Robocup

    The world's first robocup tournament is held in Japan.
  • AIBO

    The AIBO, a robotic dog with the ability to learn, entertain and communicate with its owner is released. More advanced versions have followed.
  • Earthquake Robots

    Two types of robots are searching through rubble caused by the earthquake in Japan to find survivors.
    The "Active Scope Camera" is a long camera which will wiggle into hard-to-reach places.
    Quince is a large robots with wheels to traverse through rubble, carries cameras as well as infrared and carbon-dioxide sensors to detect survivors.
  • Robot Athletes

    It is predicted that Robots participating in the Robocup will be able to beat the athletes of the most recent World Cup.