History of Robotics

  • Jan 9, 725

    First Clock

    First Clock
    A chinese engineer built the first mechanical clock that was driven by water with an escapement which made the clock tick.
  • Jan 9, 1200


    Arab authors designed complex mechanical arrangements.
  • Jan 9, 1400

    Automated Carillons

    Automated Carillons
    Automated Carillons were seen in the Netherlands.
  • Jan 9, 1495

    "Leonardo's Robot"

    "Leonardo's Robot"
    This robot was built to look like an armored knight.The robot moved as if a real person was inside.
  • Period: Jan 9, 1500 to

    Robotics from 1500 to 1900

  • Jan 9, 1525

    First Android

    First Android
    The first real android was created by Hans Bullmann. These androids simulated people and some could play music.
  • "The Duck"

    "The Duck"
    Jacques de Vaucanson created a mechanical duck that could flap its wings, eat, and digest grains. Each wing had over 400 moving parts.
  • Automated Loom

    Automated Loom
    Joseph Jacquard built an automated loom that was controlled by punchcards. Punchcards were later used in computers.
  • Analytical Engine

    Analytical Engine
    Charles Babbage designed this machine and is considered the father of the computer.
  • Remote Controlled Boat

    Remote Controlled Boat
    Nikola Tesla built and demonstrated a romote contolled boat in front of people at Madison Square Garden
  • Period: to

    20th Century Robotics

  • "Robot"

    The word robot was first used in a play where a man creates a robot to replace him and then the robot kills the man.

    ELEKTRO was a human-like robot that could walk, talk and smoke.
  • First use of the word Robotics

    First use of the word Robotics
    Isaac Asimov first uses the word robotics to describe the technology and predicts a powerful robot industry in the future.
  • First programmable mechanism

    First programmable mechanism
    The first programmable mechanism was a paint sprayer designed by Willard Pollard and Harold Roselund.
  • Turtle Robots

    Turtle Robots
    W. Grey Walter designe two turlte robots that could find their way back to their charging stations.
  • Automata

    Hero of Alexandria created automata which was used for theater and religous purposes. They were also used to open gates on hydraulic principles.
  • Period: to Jan 11, 1500

    Early Robotics

  • Period: to

    Modern Robotics

  • Period: to Jan 13, 1500

    Early Robotics

  • Period: to Jan 13, 1500

    Early Robotics

  • Martian Rovers

    Martian Rovers
    In 2004 NASA landed twin exploration rovers on Mars named Spirit and Opportunity. These rovers are the most advanced remote sensing robots ever created.
  • BEAR

    BEAR is a battlefield extraction assist robot that helps remove wounded soldiers form battle.
  • Global Hawk

    Global Hawk
    This is the most modern unmanned aerial vehicle in the world.It can recon 100,000 square kilometers of area in a day and send real time intel back to the base station anywhere on the globe.
  • ERA

    European Robotic Arm is the second intelligent arm to be installed on the international space station. This arm can move itself to different places.
  • Honda Asimo

    Honda Asimo
    This is the first robot to walk dynamically like a human. It can walk forwards, backwards, turn while walking, ande even climb up and down stairs.