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History of Recording Timeline.

  • First Recording ever!

    First Recording ever!
    Thomus Edison becomes the first man to record his vioce. when he spoke into a recording horn saying the words "Mary Had a little lamb."
  • Period: to

    The history of recording

  • Classical Music was Recorded

    Classical Music was Recorded
    The first recording of classiacal music was made. As the recording was so bad, the classical musicans didn't want any more recordings as they thought the recordings midght ruin their reputation
  • First Tape Recorder

    First Tape Recorder
    Valdermar Poulsen makes the first Tape Recorder.
  • Gramophones and records go on sale!

    Gramophones and records go on sale!
    E. Johnson starts to sell records and gramophones
  • Music Recordings

    Music Recordings
    The first music recordings are marketed by Columbia. Edison and Columbia start to release music recordings regualy.
  • Radio

    The first radio broadcast happened i 1906. THe broadcast was done in Massachusett.
  • Ahead of time!

    Ahead of time!
    Columbia creates a record that is unbrakable but it is unppoula so the idea only lasts a few idea.
  • Jazz recording!

    Jazz recording!
    The first jazz recording was made by Original Dixieland Jazz Band.
  • Broadcasting!

    The broadcasting industry was created by Westhouse company
  • electrical recording

    electrical recording
    electrical recording is perfected by bell laboratories.
  • Top hits!

    Top hits!
    The first pop music chart based on record sales is published by Billboard Magizine.
  • FM!

    Edwin Armstrong starts testing a new audio radio signal called Frequency Modulation or FM
  • Music Playing!

    Music Playing!
    The USA allows radio stations to play music without manufacturer's permission.
  • Long Listerning!

    Long Listerning!
    Columbia introdues 33-1/3 rpm. These records have 25 mintes of music on each side.
  • The 45 record is reasled

    The 45 record is reasled
    the 7-inch 45 rpm record is introduced by RCA