By CC4Ryan
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  • The creation of Rap

    The creation of Rap
    In 1970 a Jamaican man named Clive Campbell created rap. He brought rap to the crime neighborhoods of the south bronx. Teenagers were the main rappers and they were very poor but had a good imagination. Throughout the 70's rap spread all the way across the U.S to Calafornia.
  • 80's rap

    80's rap
    In the early 80's rap bands came popular such as Beastie Boys, and N.W.A. Rappers such as ICE cube and dr dre became popular. They also made shows and movies about rapping such as Bet's rap city and MTV raps. Next rap battles started to become popular. Rap battles are making fun of the other person by rapping bad stuff about them. In the Late 80's rappers found out they could make money by rapping about drugs and violence
  • rap in the 90's

    Rap was pretty much the same but it was still getting more popular. Dr dre was still popular but young stars such as Kanye West, Jay Z, and Eminem were starting to get popular
  • Rap now days

    Rappers theese days still do what rappers did since rap was created. But rappers singing with pop stars has become very popular. The most popular rappers that sing with pop stars are flo rida, Pitbull, and Jay Z. There are still plain rappers such as Eminem which is probably the most famous rapper right now.
  • Rap in the future.

    Me and Jake think that in the future There will be a rap battle olympics. Where the first one to cry looses.