History Of Rap

By CC8max
  • Invention Of Rap

    Invention Of Rap
    Rap went back to South Africa where Africans Invented rap music. It wasn't invented by one person, it was a long time in the making.
  • Period: to

    history of rap

  • Progess In Rap

    Progess In Rap
    I the 1620's slaves from Africa were sent to America to be sold for profits. Many of these slaves carried the music of rap to places all over the coast of the Atlantic.
  • Development Of Rap

    Development Of Rap
    In the early 1970's the musical genre rap was developed in the crime-hidden neighborhoods of South Bronx. gifed teenagers with little to no money forged this new talent. Soon this new discovered type of music spiled out of the Bronx and into the rest of America.
  • Rap Music Now

    Rap Music  Now
    Now, rap is enforced by many grate rappers like, Kanye West, Eminem, Wiz Kalifa, and Kid Cudi. Rap is now very popular all around the world!
  • Credits

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  • My Prediction For Rap In The Future

    My Prediction For Rap In The Future
    I predict that rap is going to have more meaning and common sense and it will be more popular world wide by all types of artists!