History of PCP

  • First Synthesized

    First Synthesized
    Firt created in 1926 Becomes widly known as Phencyclidine.
  • Early Testing

    Early Testing
    Parke, Davis & Company begins testing PCP for use as a surgical anesthetic. Early tests on animals were promising.
  • Human testing

    Human testing
    PCP was teted on 64 patients, who reported worrying side effects, such as feeling "detached" from their bodies and extreme agitation.
  • Patented

    Patented as a surgical anesthetic under the brand name Sernyl
  • Withdrawn from Market

    Sernyl becomes less popular as an anesthetic and eventually is withdrawn from the market.
  • Reintroduced

    Sernyl is renamed Sernylan and is marketed as a animal tranquilizer.
  • Appears on the street

    Appears on the street
    Word spreads of PCP's unusual effects and it appears in San Fransisco in 1967. Use declines and eventually stops in the late 60s because users had difficulty conrolling doses to recieve only the "plesant" effects.
  • Reemerges on Street

    Reemerges on Street
    Use increases in early 70s when the powder form of the drug became availible, allowing users to better control dosage.
  • Use declines

    USe steadily declines in the 80s and 90s and use eventually becomes almost nonexistant.