History of Paintballing

  • The First Paintball Gun

    The First Paintball Gun
    Charles Nelson creates the first paintball gun
  • The idea of paintball

    The idea of paintball
    A group of friends that include Haynes Noel, Bob Gurnsey, and Charles Gaines had an idea to create a game in the woods that considered using survival skills.
  • Paintball Article

    Paintball Article
    Bob Jones wrote an article for Time Magazine and Sports Afield. about the game to promote the idea of paintball. Sports Afield reach out on the rules and the group of friends saw a huge business opportunity.
  • Outdoor Paintball

    Outdoor Paintball
    The first outdoor paintball field was created.
  • National Survival Game

    National Survival Game
    The world's first-ever commercial paintball field was opened in New Hampshire by Bob Gurnsey.
  • Paintball Tournament

    Paintball Tournament
    The First paintball tournament was in Sutton, New Hampshire.
  • Paintballs

    The first paintballs was created successfully.
  • International Paintball Players Association

    International Paintball Players Association
    International Paintball Players Association known as IPPA is a non-profit organization that allows to laws to help safety of paintball.
  • Paintball Companies

    Paintball Companies
    Paintballing companies such as Dye and Spyder were becoming popular for paintballing gear.
  • Television

    Paintballing started showing on television.
  • Electric Paintball Gun

    Electric Paintball Gun
    The first electric paintball gun was created allowing changing the game of paintball.
  • Paintball parts

    Paintball parts
    Smart parts were created for paintball guns that considered using an electro valve to operate the bolt assembly.