History of Nursing

  • Period: to

    Florence Nightingdale

    Florence Nightingdale was the first recorded nurse during the crimean war and she decreased the death date by 2/3rds
  • Foundings

    Multiple nursing schools are founded
  • Nursing Education Presents a Standard Curriculum

    In 1915, the league took a major step forward by presenting a standard curriculum, divided into seven major sections.
  • Sets a Goal of Bringing Nursing to Higher Education

    During the mid and late 1940s, it quickly became evident that change was afoot. At this time, the NLNE expressed a clear interest in associate degree nursing education, as evidenced by multiple discussions with community colleges.
  • The Institute of Medicine Releases Report on The Future of Nursing

    The Future of Nursing advocated for the removal of limits on nurses’ scope of practice. This recommendation was made to improve the reality of them spending the “greatest amount of time in delivering patient care as a profession.”
  • Nurses Ranked the Most Ethical Professionals

    If there’s one source of connection, however, it’s trust in nurses. Between 1999 and 2020, an annual Gallup survey of the most trusted professions has placed nurses at the top.
  • COVID Transforms Nursing as We Know It

    In response to all that nursing professionals have overcome, the World Health Assembly has referred to 2020 as the “Year of the Nurse.” “Nurses have been tested in every way imaginable during 2020