History of Nintendo Consoles

  • Colour TV Game 6

    It was Nintendo's first ever games console.
  • Period: to

    History of Nintendo Consoles

    A description of Nintendo consoles and how they changed throughout time. :)
  • Game and Watch series

    It was the first Nintendo product to attract major success
  • Nintendo Entertainment System

    It was the most popular games console of it's time
  • Nintendo Game Boy

    Was the second most popular hand held console ever behind the Nintendo DS
  • Super Nintendo Entertainment System

    More advanced and modern than the Nintendo Entertainment System
  • Nintendo - Virtual Boy

    This product was only for sale for a year; is rarely mentioned by Nintendo.
  • Nintendo 64

    It can play a more wider range of games; Is more advanced than the Entertainment Systems.
  • Nintendo GameCube

    It uses discs instead of the cartridges the Nintendo 64 and the Entertainment Systems use.
  • NIntendo DS

    A more sleeker, advanced and portable console than the Game Boy
  • Nintendo DS Lite

    A more cleaner, popular version than the first generation Nintendo DS
  • Nintendo Wii

    A smaller, modern version fo the Gamecube; One of Nintendo's most popular consoles