History of Netflix

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  • The Founding of Netflix

    The Founding of Netflix
    Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph establish NetFlix.com Inc. in Scotts Valley, California
  • The company begins offering DVD rentals and sales

    The company begins offering DVD rentals and sales
    The company got a huge promotional boost when it made 10,000 copies of President Bill Clintons grand jury testimony in the Monica Lewinsky affair avaiable.
  • Sales are halted; Group Arnault, a French luxury goods investment firm, invest 30 milion into the company

  • Subscription Plan introduced

    netflix introduces a new service, The Marquee Program, which allowed members who paid $15.95 a month to pre-select 4 dvd's with no late fees or due dates
  • CineMatch

    Cinematch compared rental patterns among its customers and looked for similarties in taste, using this info to reccomend titles to people whose profiles were similar.
  • Major Goal achieved

    Revenue sharing agreements was reached with warner home video and Columbia Tri-Star
  • Best Buy

    Best Buy
    Netflix partners with Best Buy to creat a co-branded DVD rental service in the comapny's 1,800 and on its web sites
  • NetFlix goes public

    The company goes public and changes its name to Netflix Inc.
  • Competition

    As Netflix became more popular, competition began to heat with companies such as Blockbuster and Walmart
  • 1,000,000 subscribers

    Netflix hits its one million subscriber mark. They posted their first profit during fiscal year
  • Successful turn out

    By 2005, Netflix was shipping 1,000,000 DVDs by mail per day and had over 35,000 titles to choose from. During the year, Netflix began developing recommendations to viewers based on their viewing habits and ratings.
  • 1,000,000,000

    On February 25, 2007, Netflix announced its billionth DVD delivery.
  • Bilions of Subscribers

    In April 2011, Netflix announced 23.6 million subscribers in the United States and over 26 million worldwide. By 2011, the total digital revenue for Netflix reached at least $1.5 billion
  • More success

    As of September 2013, Netflix Q3 2013, Netflix reported global streaming subscribers at 40.4 Million (31.2 million in U.S.).
  • Academy award

    January 16, 2014, the nomination of The Square (2013) for an Academy Award became the first ever nomination for a Netflix Original production.