History of my time

  • The Start of NAFTA

     The Start of NAFTA
    NAFTA created the largest free market of trading on this day. Today, this links 450 million people producing 17 trillion worth of goods and services. Giant powerful corporations have found loop holes in NAFTA and send many American jobs overseas because labor is so cheap. There needs to be strict laws against this and people in this country should not buy products from these companies.
  • Space Probe Celmintine

    Space Probe Celmintine
    This was the first space probe that mapped the moon. Celmintine was created by using a faster, cheaper and better management approach. This saved alot of money compared to previous space projects. The government needs to do this all the time. Unfortunately, the American public has no way to audit government spending.
  • Trade Center Bombing

    Trade Center Bombing
    Four Arfab terrorist were found guilty of bombing the World Trade Center. This was the first strike against of Global Terror in America and the first bombing of the trade center. The government should of then, made stickter laws to protect who we let into our country.
  • Oklahoma City Bombing

    Oklahoma City Bombing
    The Oklahoma City bombing was the most destructive act of terrorism in America at that time. Evidence eventually proved that Tomothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols was responsible for this. They were mad at the government and took it out on innocent people. There are many people upset with the government because it is hard to be heard and difficult to change government mistakes. Violence is not the answer.
  • windows 94

    windows 94
    Microsoft releases windows 94 and changes how people use computers. Before, people thought computers were hard to use and windows made it easy. More and more people bought and used computers which changed how everything would be done in our society.
  • OJ Simpson found not guilty.

    OJ Simpson found not guilty.
    OJ is found not guilty in his murder trial even though alot of evidence showed it had to be him. The public said this trial showed that people with alot of money could get away with murder. The legal system is more about money and exspensive lawyers and not about justice.
  • Welfare Reform

    Welfare Reform
    President Bill Cinton signed into law the new Welfare Reform. This reform changed welfare because it only allowed people to receive 6months of training. Before, it would help poor people get college degrees. This was like the government saying no college education for the poor.
  • The Declaration of Jihad

    The Declaration of Jihad
    Osama Bin Laden writes the "Declaration of Jihad" and warns that a stance will be taken U.S. by killing innocent people for the justified defense in faith. Our government should of taken this very seriously but the U.S. governmental arrogance felt a person like this can do nothing. He showed us just how powerful he was and how nieve and arrogant the U.S. is. The Middle East does not want us there but the government will not stay out of their conflicts. Is it to help or is it about gasoline.
  • Europe Starts Using the Euro

    Europe Starts Using the Euro
    The european union introduces the euro as there new cuerrency which was made of 11 nations. In the beginning, the Euro was weak compared to the dollar and today, the dollar is at record lows. Weak U.S. growth and unemployment has contibuted to the fall ofc the dollar.Corporations are allowed to send many jobs to other countries for cheap labor and energy and gas is rocketing. The government is doing very little to stop it. The government is for Corporate America.
  • Columbine High School Massacre.

    Columbine High School Massacre.
    Two angry troubled teens kill twelve of there fellow students and a teacher during a horrerific school shooting. Afterwards, they shoot themselves. This shows society that the younger generation has alot of problems and do not know how to deal with it. Instead of spending more money to help schools, the government keeps cutting spending for education for the American youth. The government establishes more laws to make schools so strict that kids do not even want to go to school.
  • The Hubble Telescope

    The Hubble Telescope
    NASA launches the hubble space telescope on board the shuttle called discovery on the mission titled STS-30. It is one the most powerful astronomical research tools in existence today. The U.S. is a leader and must keep an edge in every industry. Some feel this is a waste of money but others feel space exploration is important to find discoveries or even life somewhere else.
  • Invasion of Iraq

    Invasion of Iraq
    The War on Iraq was a military campaign that was looking for weapons of mass destruction. The question has been asked by society if this was not President Bush's private Agenda? The American and worldwide societies are upset with our constant involvement in the Middle East.
  • Vladimir Putin

    Vladimir Putin
    Vladimir Putin is re-elected president of Russia. According to the report by the Office for Democratic Institutuions and Human Rights, the state controlled media failed it's legal obligation to provide equal treatment to all canidates. This is a country were there minority power over rules the majority in society.
  • Water on Mars

    Water on Mars
    Images from European Space Probe Mars Express reveals evidence of a sea of ice near the equator of mars. Dr. Murray, the Department of Earth Sciences says,"the fact there has been warm and wet places beneath the surface of Mars before life began on Earth, there is a possibility that primitive organisms survive on Mars today. I think the U.S. government should continue it's lead in space exploration and figure out how to mine minerals from other planets,
  • Iran breaks the United Nations seals on its nuclear facility

    Iran breaks the United Nations seals on its nuclear facility
    Iran vows to continue nuculer research and states," it is for alternative nuculer energy." Inside the Iranian Regine, sources that have been proven accurate in the past, said there is construction of a top-secret tunnel. This is an under ground attempt to produce nucleaur weapons while telling the United Nations Security Council they are not. Does the American Government assert power and check this out? Alot of people in American societ do not want involvement there but should our government
  • North Korea disables Nuculear Fuel Plant

    North Korea disables Nuculear Fuel Plant
    North Korea agrees to disassemble its nuclear fuel plants after a 2 day meeting with a U.S. State Department Representative. World leaders must decide if North Korea is revealing the truth about it's disarment of nuclear plants or should the U.S. government step in and make sure this is happening? The U.S. does need to make sure this country is not making weapons of mass destruction.
  • Violence in Tsvangirari

    Violence in Tsvangirari
    During an election between Morgon, Tsnangirai opposition movement for democratic change, defeated the 84 year old president, Robert Mugabe, Because neither received a majority vote,the government said a run- off election was necessary. After a brutal campaign of violence against Morgon, he fled the country for his life. Human Rights watch said the election was deeply flawed. Why doesn't the U.S. government step in and help theses peopl?. Aren't they in need as people in the Middle East?
  • China destroys there own weather satalite

    China destroys there own weather satalite
    Using a ground based ballistic missile china destroys one of its own weather satellites
  • Brach Obama is Elected President of the United States

    Brach Obama is Elected President of the United States
    Barak Obama is elected president and he is the 44th president to hold office and the first African American president. This is very important for the American society to elect a minority into office and show are country view it's citizens as equals .
  • Micheal Jackson Dies.

    Micheal Jackson Dies.
    Musical icon Micheal Jackson dies. Im sure there were many sad people on this day and American society will realize the crulity of the public's criticism. The American people should realize that the medai is unfair and can pick on people if they want. American Society should not pass judgement on people because they are really different.
  • Egypt Rejoices.

    Egypt Rejoices.
    Foe more than 2 weeks, many people protested that the harsh ruler, Mubarak leave. He finally did,and Eygpt is suppose to have an election for a new president in September. Other middle east countries have seen this and want to get rid of their unfair rulers. This is good that these people are standing up to unfair governments but this has caused gasoline prices to escalate. Good for the people but bad for the world economies.
  • Japan Earthquake

    Japan Earthquake
    A giant earthquak devistates japan. Smaller ones follow and nuculear powerplants melt down. This was the largest earth quakes ever recorded and measuring a magnitude 0f 8.9. A 33 foot tsunami followed devasting this country and nuclear disater threaten the world. The U.S. should be very involved and help with the nuclear waste that threatens world enviroments.
  • Chinese Will Surpass

    Chinese Will Surpass
    The International Monetary Fund predicts that China's economy will surpass the U.S. by 2016. World economist state China is wise and not funding wars or doling out money for foriegn aid. They are buying up compaies, resources and raw materials all over the world. The U.S. government has so much red tape it is hard to address these issues. America is losing it's edge and American middle class will suffer.
  • Osama Bin Laden Dead

    Osama Bin Laden Dead
    Osama Bin Laden was shot in his compound in Pakestine. After a decade searching for him, justice is served. Answering the question, what is the U.S. role in the world? It is important that the U.S. show the world , no one gets away with terrorism. No mattter how long it takes, the U.S. will never give up finding terrorism.