History of Music Video

  • Oscar Fishchinger

    Oscar Fishchinger
    Komposition in Blau
  • Period: to

    History of Music Video

  • Musicals

    Early form of music video
  • Music on TV

    Music on TV
    American Bandstand in th 50's
    Ready Steady Go in the 60's
    Top of The Pops in the 60's
  • Jailhouse Rock

    Jailhouse Rock
    Elvis Presley performing multiple numbers
    Early prototype of music video
  • A Hard Day's Night

    A Hard Day's Night
    Directed by Richard Lester
    Documentary of the Beatles
    Most important movie in history for Music Video

    Bohemian Rapsody
    Not the first music video, bubt the first to use special effects
  • British Artists

    British Artists
    British Bands saw potential of music video early
    Exploited the use of music video and made some ludicrous videos, eg. Duran Duran - RIO
  • MTV

    New Culture
    Made the music industry a lot different
    "Video Killed the Radio Star" The Buggles - First ever music video on MTV
  • Thriller

    Short Film
    Groundbreaking money used - $80,000 to $1 Million
    Big names like John Landis and Vincent Price
  • Music Television Expansion

    Music Television Expansion
    Specialised Channels
    Ever growing
    Still important today
  • MTV Awards

    MTV Awards
    Used new categories which included best Special FX andMost Experimental Video
    Directors began working in music for this