history of music technology

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  • the first microphone

    the first microphone
    Alexander graham Bell created the first microphone in 1876. it consisted of wires that conducted a direct current. the signals were received by armature transmitters and its receivers and this led transmission to be used from both directions.
  • the theremin

    the theremin
    the theremin was created in 1928 and it was named after the inventor Leon Theremin. it created high pitch noise in which you could hear the the song good vibrations by The Beach Boys.
  • Homer Dudley vocoder.

    Homer Dudley vocoder.
    Dudley first started developing the vocodar in 1928 but was only released publicly in 1939. his vocodar was used as a form of high level equipment that was used for voice communications during WW2
  • the nova chord

    the nova chord
    this was the first polyphonic synthesizer and it was created by Lauren Hammond. this synth was first used in a song called we'll meet again.
  • Pierre Schaeffer

    Pierre Schaeffer
    this was the first composer to use musique concrete. in the early 1940s that's when he first created his first musique concrete. his work helped and define the style of music.he was the first one to develop this concept and include it in his work.
  • electrostatics music

    electrostatics music
    in 1949 up to 1951 the composer Herbert Eimert and a physicist werner called Meyer-Eppler worked solely on electronically generated synths sound.
  • magnetic tape

    magnetic tape
    tape recorders were made in earlier in 1949 but they weren't very good and they weren't reliable. in the 1950s was when they were finally able to function it properly.
  • the Manchester electronic computer

    the Manchester electronic computer
    the ferranti mark 1 computer was the first ever computer that created music. the first few songs that it had played was Baa Baa Black sheep and God save the Queen. this computer was widely known as the experiment machine.
  • The Les Paulverizer - first loop pedal

    The Les Paulverizer - first loop pedal
    this was the first loop pedal that was created and in was invented a guitarist and by an inventor who took care of recorded and live music technology called Les Paul. the created and this was demonstrated on TV in 1953. this was revolutionary for the people in the music industry. this had helped formulate the idea of looping.
  • the moog

    the moog
    in 1964 Robert Moog created a modular synth called the Moog. the first few years of it being created it was only used for musicians to experiment with it. as the years passed it became more mainstream and band such as the Beatles were using it. in 1967 was when he had released it commercially. without the Moog now music would have sounded so much different.
  • Rhythm box

    Rhythm box
    a drummer from a dutch pop band called Felix Visser had modified the electronic rhythm box drum machine and made it so that it was simple to play programmed rhythms. this then helped introduce and idea on electric drums and it meant that it could be played in live performances.
  • the pollard syndrum

    the pollard syndrum
    the was the first electronic drum and it was released in 1976. with being created it allowed a whole new world of electric drums to be created. it also mean that consumers could use this yo make music at home.
  • roland VP-330 vocodar plus

    roland VP-330 vocodar plus
    this vocodar was manufactured by the Roland corporation back in 1979 up the the 1980s. what this vocodar does is it filters and sound that's been put into it and creates different unique sounds.
  • the 80s synth pop

    the 80s synth pop
    this is a very important time as this had developed a lot throughout history and eventually started getting more popular. this was made more into a genre and synth pop became more popular
  • commodore C64

    commodore C64
    his was a computer which helped the the music making career to get going and allowed music makers create more music and it had 3 channels of synthesis it is still popular to this day.
  • the first loop pedal

    the first loop pedal
    the paradis loop delay was on of the first loop pedals ever created and it was commercially sold around the world.
    this loop pedal is important till this day as loops wouldn't have been made without its initial thought.
  • Ed sheerans glastnobury performance

    Ed sheerans glastnobury performance
    in this performance Ed had used loop pedals in a live performance to make his performance more interesting
  • 2020 X pro and logic 10.5

    2020 X pro and logic 10.5
    logic was a software create in which allowed musicians create music using things such as DAW and MIDI sequences. logic was first released in July 2013 and started improving from there with new updates and features that were already added into the software and you wouldn't have to go off and buy a bunch off stuff logic would have already everything installed for you.
    it includes things such as live loops and synths for drums piano and guitar and EQ in which help mix the music created.