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    The History of music technology

  • Pierre Schaeffer

    Pierre Schaeffer
    Pierre Schaeffer was a French composer, acoustician and electronics engineer. He was the first person to introduce Musique concrete in 1984 with his staff through Radio-diffusion et Télévision Française. This is a technique where natural sound produced y ether animate or inanimate objects is recorded and manipulated to be used in a musical fashion.
    This is important to my timeline because it the first use of Musique Concrete and was a big advancement in the history of music technology.
  • Symphonie pour un homme seul

     Symphonie pour un homme seul
    In 1950 Pierre Schaeffer and Pierre Henry collaborated on Schaeffers 10 movement Symphonie pour un homme seul (Symphony for one man only). This was the first major music piece involving Musique Conrete. It laid the aesthetic and technical foundations for future tape music.
    This is impotant to my timeline because it was the firts song of its kind and created a large sensation amongst audiences and inspired future musicians and sound engineers.
  • Les Paul - The Les Paulverizer

    Les Paul - The Les Paulverizer
    The first loop pedal used in a live performance was in 1953. Created by acclaimed Jazz guitarist Les Paul, it was known as the Les Paulverizer. This is important to my timeline as it is the first recorded use of a live loop pedal.
  • Dr Who Theme Tune

    Dr Who Theme Tune
    The original Dr Who Theme piece from 1963 is known to be regarded as one of the most significant piece of electronic music. The composition was formed by Ron Grainer and made through Musique Concrete by Delia Derbyshire and Dick Mils at the BBC Radiophonic Workshop. All sounds were created through the editing of analouge tape containing recordings of sounds like white noise and a single plucked string.
    This is impotant to my timeline because it is a signifacnt piece known by many people today.
  • Pollard Syndrum

    Pollard Syndrum
    In 1976 Joe Pollard and Mark Barton created the first commercially available electronic drum known as the Pollard Syndrum. They had three different types known as The Syndrum 1, the Syndrum TwinDrum, and the Syndrum Quad. The Syndrum Quad was the famous. It garnered interest from high profile drummers such as Carmine Appice it was a financial failure resulting in the company failing in the following years.
    This is important to my timeline because it is the first advancement in electronic drums.
  • Simmons

    In 1978 another company by the names of Simmons started to produce commercial electronic drums sets. They were a pioneers in the British manufacture of electronic drum sets. It was founded by Dave Simmons and supplied electronic drum kits from 1980 to 1994. The distinctive sound of their kits can be heard on many song through the 80's such as Chant No. 1" by Spandau Ballet.
    This is important to the timeline as it was one of the major companies in the 80's producing commercial electronic kits.
  • SDS-V (5)

    SDS-V (5)
    The SDS-V was created by Simmons and was the worlds first fully electronic drum set. It famously featured its hexagonal pads and distinctive sounds that can be described as almost lightsabre sounding. It was a big success with bands such as Duran Duran and Rush. It was also featured on many live shows with Dave Simmons' band 'Twelve drummers drumming' for example Rockpalast Germany.
    This is one of the most famous commercial kits of the 80's that is why I think it is important to the timeline.
  • Boss RC-20 Loop Station

    Boss RC-20 Loop Station
    First shown in the January the Boss RC-20 loop station began shipping on May 26th of the same year. It helped revolutionise the use of the loop pedal. It was the first of its kind, with loop quantize functions and real time tempo change. Its full potential wasn't seen until it was used by KT Tunstall on Jay Leno in 2006.
  • KT Tunstall - The Tonight Show with Jay Leno

    KT Tunstall - The Tonight Show with Jay Leno
    This was one off the performances that really showcased the full potential of the Boss RC-20 loop station. It is a performance of 'Black horse and The cherry tree' by KT Tunstall. It was performed on 'The Tonight show with Jay Leno' in 2006. The Boss RC-20 loop station allowed her to start her performance with simple rhythm guitar and slowly add in counter melodies and harmonies, etc. This performance allowed the Boss RC-20 to be placed on the map and democratise the one-man-band.