History of Music Magazines

  • The first Music Magazine

    The first Music Magazine
    The first Music Magazine ever was made by Billboard's which was issued in 1894, Founded in Cincinnati by William H. Donaldson and James Hennegan.
  • Billboard

    Their first connection with music wasn't actually until 1913
  • Melody Maker

    Melody Maker
    'Melody Maker' was one of the first music magazine released (In June 1926) and inside had the honors list which was the first ever recorded charts. It was founded by Lawrence Wright, a Leicester-born composer and publisher in 1926
  • NME 'New Musical Express'

    NME 'New Musical Express'
    was first issued in 1952.
  • The Rolling Stone Magazine

    The Rolling Stone Magazine
    Rolling Stone was founded in 1967 in San Fransico, California, by Jann Wenner - who is still the chief editor - and music critic Ralf J. Gleason.
  • The History Of Music Magazines

    The History Of Music Magazines
    NME became the best selling British music magazine.
  • Kerrang!

    The first issue of the maagzine came as a one-off supplement in the Sounds newspaper. Kerrang! initially covered the New Wave of British heavy metal and rising hard rock acts, but gradually widened it's gaze to what it covers today.
  • Total Guitar

    Total Guitar
    Total Guitar is a guitar magazine, that commonly features interviews with band members and artists, on the type of instrumant they use. The magazine comes with a free CD in every issue.
  • Q Magazines

    Q Magazines
    Q Magazine was founded by Mark Ellen and David Hepworth. The magazine has a huge review section, including music, film, live shows, radio and television and so on.
  • The History Of Music Magazines

    The History Of Music Magazines
    Vibe launched in 1993, and is still a very popular magazine these day, it provides lots of entertainment and recent news about a range of artists.
  • Top Of The Pops

    Top Of The Pops
    Top Of The Pops was launched.
  • Kerrang! Tour

    Kerrang! Tour
    Every January, Kerrang! hosts a rock music tour with four big names in the industry, going around the UK until the end of February.
  • Q Magazine banned

    Q Magazine banned
    After Lady Gaga posed topless in a shoot for the April 2010 issue of the magazine was banned in many stores in th UK.