history of music and technology

  • vitaphone

    vitaphone introduces a sound system to synchronize sound effects and music with a motion picture. known as the red and blue networks.
  • RCA

    RCA convinces phonograph labels including its own Victor label as well as columbia and other manufarurer to standardize on 78.26 rpm as the speed of all phonograph records.
  • The Edison Co.

    The Edison Co.
    the Edison Co. ceases the manufacturing of sound recordings
  • Bell Laboratories

    Bell Laboratories
    an experimental "binaural" phonograph system is created by bell labrotories.
  • Swing Music

    Swing Music
    swing musicthe duke ellington recording of "it dont mean a thing if it aint got that swing" starts the "swing Music" dance craze.
  • singing telegram

    singing telegram
    western union introduces the first "singing telogram" service
  • AEG/Telefunken

    AEG/Telefunken exhibits the first magnetic tape recorder in Germany
  • AF of M union

    AF of M union
    AF of M union begins a recording ban from Aug 1942 to nov 1944 to force record companies to pay royalties which starts the decline of the big band era in favor of vocal groops and crooner vocalists.
  • German magnetic tape recorders

    German magnetic tape recorders
    german magnetic tape recorders are brought to the United states which are copied for comercial use.