History of Mouse (computing)

  • First Mouse

    First Mouse
    The mouse was made to control the cursor so that you can click and search. It is made of wood.
  • Period: to

    History of Mouse

  • The second mouse

    The second mouse
    The second mouse is better and easier to use/ handle. It has 3 buttons.
  • Mouse

    This kind of mouse are way much easier to use and it is like the ones we use nowadays, but just not as good. Now it is more smaller.
  • Apple mouse

    This is a Apple mouse. It looks better and it is aslo simmilar to the mouse we use nowadays, but doent look that cool. And now it has a ball on the bottom.
  • Microsoft Mouse

    This a mouse you can see it is similar to the old ones but it is now faster.
  • Designed Mouse

    Now the technology has improved, the mouse now is designed with colours.
  • Shaped mouse

    Now mouse are designed for user the to feel more comfortable using the mouse.
  • A similar mouse- 2002

    This mouse has two button on the side, one is for going back a page. And the other one is is to go a page forward.
  • Cool designed mouse

    Mouse now are COOL. It has cool designs. Such as: polka dots/ stripes/ leopard paterns etc.
  • Handy mouse

    Now mouse are WIRELESS!! Wireless mouse are more handy, because there'e not a wire hanging on to it.
  • Small/ Handy/ Designed

    Mouse now are so handy, small, and nice designed. Very nice!
  • Good mouse

    Mouse that are small aren't that good for your hand and comfort. So now they have comfortable sized and still it is colourful designed.