History of Canada

By Artem12
  • Dominion of Canada established

    Dominion of Canada established
  • Red River Resistance

    Red River Resistance
    The Red River Resistance (also known as the Red River Rebellion) was an uprising in 1869–70 in the Red River Colony. The resistance was sparked by the transfer of the vast territory of Rupert’s Land to the new Dominion of Canada.
  • Canada annexes Rupert's Land

    Canada annexes Rupert's Land
    Negotiations between Canada, Britain, and the Hudson's Bay Company conclude with the HBC signing a "deed of surrender" that transfers control of their massive Rupert's Land and North West Territories to Canada.
  • Canadian money introduced

    Canadian money introduced
    The Dominion Notes Act is passed establishing a uniform Canadian currency (the Canadian Dollar) across Canada.
  • Manitoba joins Canada

    Manitoba joins Canada
    Manitoba is carved from the Rupert's Land territory to become the fifth province of Canada. The remaining land becomes known as the Northwest Territories.
  • British Columbia joins Canada

    British Columbia joins Canada
    British Columbia becomes the sixth province of Canada.
  • Treaty 1

    Treaty 1
    Treaty 1 (also known as the "Stone Fort Treaty") is an agreement established on August 3, 1871, between the Imperial Crown of Great Britain and Ireland and the Anishinabe and Swampy Cree nations. The first of a series of treaties called the Numbered Treaties that occurred between 1871–1921,[1] this accord has been held to be essentially about peace and friendship.
  • Indian Act

    Indian Act
    The Indian Act is passed by the Parliament of Canada, founding the modern system of Indian reservations.
  • Canadian armed forces established

    Canadian armed forces established
    A militia known as the Royal Canadian Regiment is founded as the first permanent regiment of what will become the Canadian Army.
  • Alberta and Saskatchewan created

    Alberta and Saskatchewan created
    Alberta and Saskatchewan are separated from the Northwest Territories to become the eighth and ninth provinces of Canada.
  • Women get the right to vote

    Women get the right to vote
    Women are granted the right to vote in Canadian federal elections. Provinces follow suit at different times between 1916 and 1940.
  • Canada joins League of Nations

     Canada joins League of Nations
    Canada becomes one of the founding members of the League of Nations.
  • Canada gets full independence

    Canada gets full independence
    The Statute of Westminster grants Canada political independence from Britain, including the right to an independent foreign policy.