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History of Human Computer Interaction

  • Punch Cards Used for Informatics

    Punch Cards Used for Informatics
    Invented in the early 1800s, punch cards were originally used to control looms and then in the early 20th century IBM streamlined their usage on their own machines. The reason for the demise of this human computer interface (HCI) was the affordability of better and more efficient methods.
  • Christopher Scholes Invents QWERTY

    After creating a successful typewriter, Christopher Scholes continued upon his work. One such improvement was the QWERTY key layout. At first this layout was created to prevent the excessive sticking of keys that users experience while using his typewriter. Needless to say that this was a success and computer keyboards world wide use the layout that Scholes created over 100 years ago.
  • Invention of the DVORAK Keyboard Format

    Invention of the DVORAK Keyboard Format
    An alternative to the QWERTY keyboard layout, the Dvorak Simplified Keyboard was created to increase typing efficiency and speed as to combat the issues with the QWERTY layout. The layout was designed around the most used letters in the English language as to place those letters in closest proximity to decrease strain upon the typist. During experiments, typists using the DVORAK layout made fewer mistakes and less prone to fatigue. Although evidence shows the Dvorak layout to be better there
  • Invention of the Trackball

    Invention of the Trackball
    The invention of the trackball that the first computer mice used for location tracking was actually done during a secret military project by Tom Cranston, Fred Longstaff and Kenyon Taylor who were all part of the Canadian Royal Navy. Due to the fact that the invention came about during a secret military project it was never patented. The first system built by the trio used a hard rubber ball like those found in the Canadian 5 pin bowling game.
  • First Video Game Joysticks

    Invented to be used in conjunction with a video game console, electronic joysticks opened up a new era in human interaction with computers.
  • Release of Atari 2600 Joystick

    The Atari 2600 joystick was released with single button and a DE-9 connector.
  • Widespread Availability of Computer Keyboards

    Keyboards saw their first usage as an interface to text only terminals controlling large computer systems. Widespread and easy creation of keyboards first appeared with the creation of the personal computer by the already familiar IBM. IBM had streamlined the creation of the keyboard allowing for easy access to purchasing and usage.
  • Debut of the Apple Lisa Mouse

    Debut of the Apple Lisa Mouse
    Although widely used now, the mouse took nearly 20 years to see fully fledged adoption due to a lack of system support. It wasn’t until Apple Inc. debuted its system titled “Apple Lisa” that the mouse was first widely used as an interface device. Although Xerox was the first to create a system that used the mouse, it was Apple that popularized it since Xerox never released a system that used it.
  • Release of the NES Zapper

    Release of the NES Zapper
    The NES Zapper was an accesory designed for the Nintendo Entertainment System. The Zapper used light gun technology that detected light sources on the screen to determine if a user hit a target.
  • Wii Remote Debut

    Wii Remote Debut
    To go along with their release of their next generation gaming console, Nintendo created the Wii Remote as opposed to a traditional gaming control pad. The Wii Remote using motion sensing technology to track player gestures.
  • Release of Microsoft Kinect

    Release of Microsoft Kinect
    Microsoft’s Kinect is a tool that provides motion sensing capabilities to its Xbox 360 gaming platform. Being a motion sensing tool, it allows for users to interact with their gaming consoles without the need for controllers. The Xbox 360 provides a user interface created specially for the Kinect that allows users to use gestures and spoken commands to navigate through menus and play games.