History of HP

  • HP Desk Jet PLUS

    First mass market inkjet printer.
  • Period: to

    History of HP

  • HP 95LX palmtop

    Light portable computer. Roughly size of a pocket calculator.
  • HP colour printer

    This was the first HP colour printer.
  • Lew Patt

    He was elected president and CEO
  • HP OmniBook 300

    The 3 pound (1.4 Kg) HP OmniBook 300, a super portable PC with extended battery life.
  • HP Office

    Personal printer fax copier, the world’s first mass market all in one device.
  • Carly Fiorina

    She became president and CEO
  • Superdome server line

    Advancing its position in internet infrastructure
  • HP and Compag merge

    The new company serves more than 1 billion people across 162 countries
  • Mark Hurd

    He became the president and CEO