History of Forensics Timeline

  • Spectroscopy developed

    Gustav Kirchhoff and Robert Bunsen developed the science of spectroscopy.
  • Crime scene photography

    Crime scene photography developed
  • Body Measurements

    Alphonse Bertillon developed a system to identify people using particular body measurements
  • Fingerprint Indentifacation

    Edward Henry developed first classification system for fingerprint identification
  • Human Blood Groups

    Karl Landsteiner identified human blood groups
  • Locard Principle

    Edmond Locard formulated his famous principle, “Every contact leaves a trace.”
  • Mass Spectrometer

    Francis Aston developed the mass spectrometer.
  • DNA Helix

    James Watson and Francis Crick discover the DNA double helix
  • AFIS developed

    AFIS developed by FBI, fully automated in 1996
  • First DNA tests applied to criminal case.

    Jeffreys developed and used first DNA tests to be applied to a criminal case