History of Firearms

  • Jan 1, 1232

    The first gun

    The first gun
    The chinesse ,who invented gunpowder ,first used it in a wepon. They filled tubes with the powder and used it as a sort of rocket , aiming it at the enemy and lighting a fuse.
  • Jan 1, 1364

    First "official" firearm

    First recorded use of a firearm was a pistol where the shooter lit a wick by hand. This ignited the gun powder withen and fired the projectile
  • Jan 1, 1400

    Matchlock guns

    Matchlock guns
    This gun wasfirst mechanically firing gun. The wicks were now attached to a clamp that sprang into gunpowder that was placed in a flash pan
  • Jan 1, 1509

    Wheel lock guns

    Wheel lock guns
    Wicks were replaced by the wheel lock.The wheel lock generates a spark after you pull the trigger which in turn ignites the powder
  • Flintlock guns

  • Period: to

    barrel accuracy

    They changed the design of the barrel from smoth bore to a rifled barrel. This means it had spiral grooves running the full lengh of the barrel. They also improved the ammunition from a musket ball to a minie ball.
  • Percussion-cap guns

    Percussion-cap guns
  • Back action lock

    Back action lock
    Th e back action lock was invented
  • Colt revolver

    Colt revolver
  • Pin-fire cartridges

    Pin-fire cartridges
    The pin fire cartridge was invented
  • Minie ball

    Minie ball
  • Shotguns

  • Full rim-fire cartridge

    Full rim-fire cartridge
  • Spencer repeating carbine

    Spencer repeating carbine
  • Breech loaded guns

    Breech loaded guns
  • Gatling gun

    Gatling gun
  • Centre-fire cartridge

    Centre-fire cartridge
  • Cartridge revolver

    Cartridge revolver
  • Winchester rifle

    Winchester rifle
  • Double-action revolver

    Double-action revolver
  • Lee box magazine

    Lee box magazine
  • Automatic handguns

    Automatic handguns
    Invented by Joseph Laumann
  • Borchardt pistol

    Borchardt pistol
    automatic handgun with a separate magazine in the grip
  • First automatic rifle a Winchester.

    First automatic rifle a Winchester.