Istock legislation

History of Federal Disbalilty Legislation in the United States of America

  • Historical Observations

    Historical Observations
    Physicians began learning about children and their intellectual and developmental expectionalilites.
  • Council for Exceptional Children

    Council for Exceptional Children
    The Council for Exceptional Children was created to organize teachers who are working with children and their exceptionalities. Communites wanted to focus on the individual and and his or her disablility because they were interested in the child's treatment and needs.
  • Dr. Sam Kirk

    Dr. Sam Kirk
    Dr. Kirk organized special education.
  • Public Law

    Public Law
    In 1963, Public Law was established to work with children who were diagnosed with special needs such as developmental and intellectual disabilities. Funds were disbursed to professionals to respond, educate, and work with. Legislation ensured that these indiviuals can have an "open door," to their education.
  • FAPE

    FAPE (Free and Appropiate Public Education) A strong state and legislative branch that provides a history of court decisions made in legislation.
  • PARC (Pennsylvania Association for Retarded Citizens)

    PARC (Pennsylvania Association for Retarded Citizens)
    In 1972 this was created to give favor to children and their exceptionalitites.
  • Americans with Disabilities Act

    Americans with Disabilities Act
    Provide rights to people with disbalitlies. These rights are garanteed to any person without any criticism to one's origin, race, nationality, gender, or religion.
  • Rehabilitation Act

    Rehabilitation Act
    This act under legislation provides legislation to children who need legislation when rights of the individual with the disablility are denied.
  • Legislation

    The federal government enacted a legislation used to provide children their rights to a free education.
  • Education for All Hanicapped Children Act

    Education for All Hanicapped Children Act
    This act was taken in affect to allow any child who is handicapped with their own freedom to a free and appropiate education that focuses on special education to fit that child's specific wants and needs.
  • The Education for All Handicapped Children Act

    The Education for All Handicapped Children Act
    $3 Billion dollars were spent by the U. S. federal government to account for children with disabilities.
  • Education of th handicapped Act Amendments of 1986

    Education of th handicapped Act Amendments of 1986
    This act provided the money to develop, plan, reseach, and conduct, any programs to help service individuals with disabilities and their families.
  • NCLB (No Child Left Behind Act)

    NCLB (No Child Left Behind Act)
    This act ensures that all children whether under legislation or not are provided an education based on their level of need.
  • IDEA

    IDEA (Individuals with Disablilities Act) is designed to strenghten and improve education with children who have disbablitles. This federal legislation act focuses on the specific and special attention the child needs.