History of Farming Technology

Timeline created by Lightningflame
  • Grain Elevator

    First grain elevator was invented in New York.
  • Chemical Fertilizers

    Mixed chemical fertilizers sold commercially.
  • Period: to

    The Invention of the first ever Tractors

    The very first tractor was invented, although it was a open-geared one and it was clumsy and heavy.
  • Period: to

    Developement of the Tractor

    The open-geared tractor gradually developed into enclosed gear tractor.
  • Period: to

    Increase of Farm Production

    Farm production gradually increased due to expanded use of mechanized pawer.
  • The Invention of the Light Tractor

    The very first light tractor was invented and it was a great help to farmers as it is easier to drive and less clumsy.
  • Development of Food Production - 1

    Each farmer supplies food for averagly 9.8 people in America
  • Development of Food Production - 2

    Each farmer supplies food for averagly 10.7 people in America
  • Period: to

    Frozen food

    The method of freezing food to keep it fresh is popularized in this period.
  • GM Crops

    First GM Crop produced.
  • Development of Food Production - 3

    Each farmer supplies food for averagly 15.5 people in America.
  • The Discovery of Chelate

    Organic chemicals called chelates are found to help protect plants against certain metal deficiencies
  • Tomato Harvesters

    Mechanical tomato harvester developed.
  • Development of Food Production - 4

    Each farmer supplies food for averagly 25.8 people in America
  • Harvesting Cotton

    96% of cotton are harvested mechanically.
  • Development of Food Production - 5

    Each farmer supplies food for averagly 75.8 people in America