History of Families & Family Resource Management

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    Pre-Industrial Families

    "The pre-industrial family, comprised an ordered society in which the problems of the various age groups were catered for and the uncertainties of life were minimized."
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    Industrial Revolution Familes

    Home and work life became separate.
  • Ellen Swallows is Born

    Ellen Swallows is Born
    Ellen was born on their family farm in Dunstable, Massachusetts on December 3,1842. She helped around the farm and had "tomboy" tendencies with the exception of her interest in household chores. Her mom taught her many things and she even won prizes for sewing and a pie by the time she was 13.
  • Period: to

    Ellen Attends Westford Academy

    Ellen was predominately taught at home until the family moved to Westford, Massachusetts in 1859. She helped her father at his store while attending Westford Academy and studying math and Latin that she used to earn money by tutoring later in her life. She spent a large portion of time caring for her sick mother.
  • Ellen Goes to Vassar

    She spent over 2 years in "purgatory" due to not being able to reach her goals of higher education. At this point in time New England did not allow women to attend and Vassar was still new and building a reputation.
  • Ellen Attends MIT

    Ellen Attends MIT
    After graduating from Vassar in 1870, she wanted to teach in Argentina but they were at war. She made the decision to continue her education but she didn't have many choices. Finally in December she was accepted as the first woman to attend that school, or any scientific school. She begins her journey in January of 1871 and 3 years later has a B.S degree from MIT and a M.A. from Vassar.
  • Ellen Marries Robert Richards

    Ellen Marries Robert Richards
    The two met while she was at MIT and the two supported each other in their work. She was elected as the first woman member of the American Institute of Mining and Metallurgical Engineers.
  • Establishment of Women's Lab at MIT

    While an MIT undergraduate, she helped teach an experimental course in chemistry, financed by the Woman's Education Association at the Girls' High School in Boston to a class composed largely of teachers.
    November 1875, funds for the establishment of a women's laboratory at MIT; the next year Woman's Laboratory opened under the direction of Professor John Ordway, she served as his assistant. She was also the unofficial "dean of women" at the Woman's Laboratory.
  • Ellen Swallow Richards Passes Away

    in 1899 she organized what would become home economics. In 1908 she was elected it's first president and kept the title until she retired in 1910. In the last 15 years of her life she remained remarkable; she published many papers & articles, 10 books, and gave lectures, including a paper 4 days before she died. She is memorialized by awards in her name as well as home ec schools and clubs.
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