History of Families and Family Resource Management

  • Ellen Swallows

    Ellen Swallows created the womens chemistry building at MIT.
  • HRM is coined

    The term human resource management is coined in the US during the 1960's
  • Large HRM groups emerged

    In the 1970's large multinational human resource management groups started to emerge
  • OSHA

    In the 1970's OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) was created in the HRM field.

    1974 ERISA (Employee retirement income security act) was put into place regulating private pension plans
  • HRM Recognition

    In the 1980's HRM become a highly recognized field with many large backers and supporters looking to populate the field.
  • HRM Education

    In the 1990's HRM began to be taught in many highschools and universities around the country, this helped to stabilize the field even more
  • HRM to become a bigger partner

    There was a large push in the 2000's to have human resource management become more integrated into society and the industries surrounding it, giving HRM more power and helping out the everyday workers.
  • Inclusion

    HRM has finally started to push for a more inclusive work environment including all sexualities/races and genders.