History of Dubstep Timeline

  • The year dubstep was made.

    Dubstep had originally been created in 1998. This form of dubstep had been more experimental and darker than the current dubstep. Dubstep had originally been created in South London, England. The exact date of dubstep being created was unknown.
  • Original production of Dubstep

    El-B, Steve Gurley, Oris Jay, and Zed Bias had originally been the people to produce dubstep. Ammunation Promotions, who owned a influenctial club called Forward, had produced proto dubstep for their club. The club Forward was a critical key in the development of dubstep.
  • When the name dubstep started being used.

    When the name dubstep started being used.
    The term was created by the creaters of the club Forward to describe the type of music. The band XLR8R had used the term dubstep for their cover story and had helped contribute to dubstep becoming the genre it is now. The radio station that the club Forward had owned called Rinse FM had featured dubstep in its music lineup.
  • Dubstep becomes a mainstream music

    Dubstep becomes a mainstream music
    Britney Spears song "Freakshow" had been influenced by some of dubsteps sounds. Tom Ewing described the song as,"built around the 'wobbler' effect that's a genre standby." Benga and Coki's singe "Night" had been become popular in UK's dance chart.
  • Dubstep started to grow

    The sound's first North American ambassador, Baltimore DJ Joe Nice helped kickstart its spread into the continent. Some clubs featured Dubstep regularly started to appear in the United States. Some non-British artists had won praise within some of the large Dubstep communities in America.
  • Dubstep artist in the making

    Sonny John Moore had been a solo artist for about a year. He had created an alias of Skrillex and started preforming songs in a club in Los Angeles. He was first known as Twipz before forming Skrillex.
  • Dubstep becomes mainstream

    Dubstep becomes mainstream
    Dubstep had started gaining worldwide recognition, mainly through being used in other songs. An artist Known as Skream had started to make dubstep as it became more popular with more melodic sound; less overtly influenced by the darker, UK garage influenced sounds of early dubstep atists. Some artists such as such as,Snoop Dogg, started to collaberate with dubstep artists.
  • Popularity of Skrillex Rises

    Popularity of Skrillex Rises
    The solo artist known as Skrillex started to gain popularity for his music. He had released many songs in 2011 such as: Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites, More Monsters and Sprites, and produced the song Get Up by Korn. The popularity of Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites that a parto f it was used in a promotion trailer for the PlayStation 3 game Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception.
  • Dubstep in America

    Pumped Up Kicks Dubstep versionDubstep had gained a spark in the American's Market gaining popularity. Dubstep had changed due to Americanization making it less dark than when it was first created. The artists in America had also drew insperation from the British producers of dubstep. Some songs that were made before dubstep started to gain dubstep forms of them such as "Pumped Up Kicks".
  • Brostep was made

    Brostep was made
    Brostep is a newer sub-genre of dubstep and is played by bands such as Skrillex. This form of dubstep is usually more aggressive and louder than the original type of dubstep. The goal of brostep appears to be to produce music as fast as you possibly can, without placing any emphasis on quality.